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Are you looking for a hand mixer that is as stylish as your kitchen? Do you want a hand mixer that will still deliver a consistent result every single time without compromise? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Bodum Bistro. This 5 speed hand mixer might not offer some of the bells and whistles that other kitchen appliances in its class can provide, but it does offer one thing you’ll want to consider: innovation. Available on Amazon right now, you’ll see that the $80 price for this mixer is quite nice.

What Are the Features of the Bodum Bistro?

The one feature we really liked with the Bodum Bistro is the design of the cord storage. It’s built-in, so you won’t have issues with storing your hand mixer once you’re done with it. If you just have a need to get something mixed quick fast and in a hurry, there’s a fold-out hand crank that will help you improve your speed for a fast cooking chore. Coming with a 2 year limited warranty, this is a unique hand mixer that will definitely compliment your style with its 4 amazing colors!

There’s also these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance:

  • it has a 170 watt motor that provides a user with 5 speed settings so you can have some control over the mixing process;
  • it comes with 3 mixing attachments so you can knead dough, whip wet ingredients, or combine dry ingredients with ease; and
  • the unique rubberized outer shell makes this hand mixer really easy to clean afterward.

Although the limited speed settings tend to create some splatter when using this device on certain loose ingredients, the overall results are equal to other hand mixers that have more profound brand names. If style is just as important to the baking process as function, then this is definitely a kitchen appliance to consider owning!

Are There Any Advantages With the Bodum Bistro?

The design of the Bodum Bistro also ends up being its primary advantage. It’s an elongated design that admittedly takes some getting used to, but the design gives you the advantage of being versatile in the kitchen. You just use the mixer, set it down when you’re done, and add the next step of the recipe into the mixing bowl. Others can do this through a heel stand, of course, but tipping always seems to be a problem with those. Not with this small appliance!

If there was one improvement that could be made, it would be in the speed settings. Specifically the low speed setting as it is a bit too fast for some of the more gentle tasks of baking that may be required. Splatter isn’t usually a problem, but there can be issues with condensing a batter so that the baked goods end up being dense and heavy instead of light and fluffy.

If you’re just getting into baking or want a small appliance that compliments the style of your kitchen effectively, then the Bodum Bistro is definitely a hand mixer to consider owning. It delivers a might punch that can help you get all of your baking chores done quickly.

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