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Are smoothies and mixed drinks a way of life for you and your household? Would you love to have a simple, affordable way to make these drinks and other recipes in a more effective way? With the Cuisinart Smart Stick, you’ll be getting a 2 speed immersion hand blender that will let you get all of your tasks done quickly. Designed to reach into bowls, pots, and pitchers, you won’t have to create a large mess to enjoy something wonderful! With a dozen different colors from which to choose, you’ll even be able to save 54% off of the MSRP of this blender just by shopping on Amazon!

What Are the Features of the Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender?

The primary feature of this immersion blender that we really loved was the ergonomics of the design. So many immersion blenders are uncomfortable to use for an extended period of time and that tends to make your hand and fingers cramp up while using them, especially with the vibration of the unit. The Cuisinart design allows for a nice, comfortable grip and because there’s more control, there’s a better end result every single time.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance:

  • it offers users one touch controls that make changing speeds easy to do;
  • the blending shaft and the beaker for this immersion blender are both safe to put into a dishwasher, making cleaning up afterward simple; and
  • this blender offers a 200 watt motor to help you blend, which is equal to hand mixers and other small kitchen appliances.

We really liked the blending attachment that comes with the Cuisinart Smart Stick. It just snaps onto the end of the appliance and prevents splashing from occurring. This means you can use this blender while finishing off a hot soup and not have to worry about splashes that might cause burns.

Are There Any Advantages To the Cuisinart Smart Stick?

The primary advantage that comes with this immersion blender is how easy it is to clean it up after using it. Besides the dishwasher-safe components, a damp cloth is often all that is required to get this kitchen appliance clean. Even if you’ve neglected the cleaning overnight because you were in a hurry to get things done or just didn’t feel like doing it, you can still get this blender clean in a couple minutes without a hassle at all.

The one improvement we’d like to see with this kitchen appliance would be a longer cord. It’s only about 3 feet long and an extension cord tends to reduce the effectiveness of the device. Cuisinart also tends to use a plastic gear to reduce the cost of the immersion blender and in some models this gear can be defective, causing it to prematurely break and not allow the blending blades to spin.

Is this immersion blender going to be able to handle a commercial level kitchen with daily use? Maybe not. For the occasional immersion blending need in the average home, however, this kitchen appliance by Cuisinart will get the job done for you. That’s why it receives our recommendation today.

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