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Are you looking for an affordable kitchen appliance that will help you slice foods in a consistent way? Do you want a food slicer that can help you quickly slice through the even the thickest foods? With the EdgeCraft Chef’s Choice food slicer, you’ll receive everything you need to create a quality result and save money when compared to purchases over the deli counter. Made from stainless steel and cast aluminum, this appliance has the weight to get your chores done quickly! You can even save up to $25 on your purchase right now with a purchase on Amazon.

What Are the Features of the EdgeCraft Food Slicer?

We really love the fact that this electric kitchen appliance is a gear driven food slicer. This gives each user a powerful, smooth, and reliable slice through a wide variety of different foods. With options to go deli thin up to almost ¾ of an inch, you can have thick cheese slices accompanying shaved meats for a brilliant sandwich that everyone in your family is going to love. If you’ve got a power surge, this food slicer will shut down to protect you as well.

There are also these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance:

  • a serving tray is included with this food slicer to add to its ease of use so you can quickly package up the sliced items;
  • the carriage, pusher, deflector, blades and thickness guide are all easy to take apart to wash and then reassemble; and
  • the design of this food slicer allows for a 7 inch blade that will help you cut a wide variety of foods with ease.

Even though this is a gear-driven food slicer, it is still a high torque motor that offers a cool running experience. This design allows for consistent use of the food slicer without a worry that it will overheat on you.

Is There an Advantage To Using This Particular Food Slicer?

What you’re going to get with the purchase of this food slicer is a home use machine that has the strength to compete with even the top professional models. Although it’s a little bigger than most home food slicers, it has a good set of safety features that will let you be able to easily slice with the included serrated blade.

If there was one thing that needed to be changed in the design of this food slicer, it would be the plastic screw that keeps the blade affixed to the slicer. It’s easy to break this screw while cleaning the machine if you’re not careful, so take care during the cleaning process regarding this one issue of the design.

Otherwise you’ll find that this food slicer is a high quality kitchen appliance that will provide you with a quality result time and time again. This is an appliance that provides and excellent value and you’ll see that from the first moment you use it.

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