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Are you looking for an affordable way to improve the slicing of bread or the carving of meat in your kitchen? Would you like to have a versatile kitchen appliance that will cut through fruits and vegetables just as easily as a turkey on Thanksgiving? This offering from Hamilton Beach will help you take care of all your kitchen prep work quite easily! Included with this set is a carving fork and storage case that will help you keep everything neatly organized and you can grab this kitchen appliance today for about $25 on a website like Amazon.

What Are the Features of This Hamilton Beach Knife?

The primary feature you’ll notice with this particular electric knife is the quality of the stainless steel blades. So many blades at this price point are a bit thin and flimsy, causing them to actually weave back and forth when they are engaged. With this Hamilton Beach knife, you’ll get a streamlined slice every time thanks to the solid construction of the knife and the ergonomics of the product itself. It really is one of the easiest to use electric knives on the market today!

There are these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance as well:

  • this knife offers a total cutting surface of 7 inches, although the entire unit of the blade is actually 11 inches long;
  • it works just as well for right-handed users as it does left-handed users thanks to the center line design of the appliance; and
  • the cord is long enough at just under 5 feet in length so that you can slice with ease without it getting in the way on you.

The one issue with this electric knife that must be brought up, however, is the design of it. The ergonomics are nice and it fits pretty comfortably into a large hand, but the button to release the blades of the knife are actually on top where you’d normally put your thumb along the tang. If you put your thumb above the button, the slope of the knife drives it downward anyway.

Are There Advantages To Using This Electric Knife?

The one advantage that you get with using this particular product is the addition of the carving fork that comes with the set. It’s a lot easier to slice through a tough piece of animal protein thanks to the size of this fork! With a little manipulation, you can quickly get through a dense piece of meat or other food product without much difficulty.

For frozen or cured items, however, this knife might not be the best one for you. The size of the knife combined with the hardness of your food product could cause some user difficulty.

At this price point, however, you’re getting a pretty good electric knife. If you can find a good work around for the top location of the blade releases, then you’ll enjoy what this knife can do for you in the kitchen. It is a kitchen appliance that will definitely help you get through your slicing and dicing chores faster!

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