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This full-size 6-quart  features 7 functions.  It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and yogurt maker plus it sautés, browns, warms and steams.  It is stainless steel with a black bottom, trip and lid and has a control panel that is large and easy to use.  The cooker is built with the latest 3rd Generation Technology.  There are 14 smart programs built in.  It has 3 temperature options for lower level settings when slow cooking or sautéing.  There are also two pressures to choose from and an auto-warm option as well.

This product is UL and ULC certified and has 10 safety mechanisms that have passed rigorous tests.  In addition, it is energy efficient.  The cooking pot is made of 3-layer stainless steel and comes with a stainless steel steaming rack with a handle.  Although the MAX line is marked on the inside pot, it is an indication for liquids.  Dry foods (like a chicken or pot roast) can extend over the MAX limit.  The cooker comes with recipes written in English, French, Chinese and Spanish.

While the Instant Pot is in the upper mid price range, selling on Amazon prime for around $135, most who reviewed the product stated that they felt it was a good buy with the features it offers and the size as well.

One aspect that those who reviewed seemed to enjoy was the built-in settings available for such things as meat/stew, chicken, multi-grains, porridge, soup, and bean/chili.

The stainless steel surface was rated high on its browning capabilities.  Although it is not non-stick, it was said to be fairly easy to clean.  The aluminum disk at the bottom of the cooking insert was a feature that, while helpful for keeping an even heat distribution, was a drawback for some who reported that it made it difficult to cook certain dishes such as pasta with tomato sauce.  But of those who mentioned such, they also agreed that it was a small complaint to have for a product that does not have chemicals often found in the non-stick ones and that holds up tough to metal utensils.  There is a non-stick insert that can be purchased from the manufacturer, but it does not brown as well as the stainless steel one.

The lid of the cooker can rest open by simply inserting a tab into the handle, which is a feature many find helpful.  This often times eliminates the need to completely remove the lid, risking burning and puddles on the countertop.  Some models tend to have areas in which condensation collects, but this one does not which many reviews found to be a huge plus.

There were a few reported occurrences of defective cookers and non-working or missing parts, but those situations were resolved.  An issue with the fuse was the most common problem listed and although the majority of those who reviewed stated they were sent a replacement fuse that provided the fix, a few were unhappy that the issue existed in the first place.

Overall, this product got high reviews and was described as being a great addition to the kitchen.

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