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Are you looking for a proven meat grinder that will help you improve the health quotient of many of your dishes? Do you want something that is well built and doesn’t include plastic motor components that were manufactured on the cheap somewhere? This LEM Products meat grinder is a quality kitchen appliance that will solve all of your grinding problems. It contains all metal gears with rolling bearings, making this a 36 pound countertop beast! Best of all, you can save about 10% on the MSRP of this grinder just by shopping on a website like Amazon.

What Are the Features of This LEM Products Meat Grinder?

The primary feature we really enjoyed with this particular meat grinder were the various stainless steel plates that were included with the device. They’re really easy to use and give you a wide variety of grinding options that will give you a fine grind, a coarse grind, or allow you to stuff sausages or other similar meat products with ease. It even accommodates three different sizes of stuffing tubes, going up to 1.25 inches in size.

There’s also these additional features on this kitchen appliance to consider:

  • there’s a two year warranty on parts and labor with this product that will give you a lot of added value and protection for the investment you’ll make;
  • a big bite auger, meat stomper, and a stainless steel knife are all included with the purchase of this meat grinder; and
  • it has a .35 HP motor that works pretty well with regular home use so you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars more for a high HP unit that you’ll never max out.

The one problem that some people are going to have with this machine comes with the assumption that it can grind anything like a commercial grinder. It cannot. It will work with limited bones and some tougher tendons or gristle, but it’s going to jam up on you if that’s what you consistently feed through this machine.

Are There Any Advantages To Using This Meat Grinder?

The design of the circuit breaker is the real advantage that comes with the use of this kitchen appliance. Many of them today are designed to trip if they sense that the motor is overheating, but this meat grinder will also trip the circuit if it senses that meat has gotten stuck through the mechanism and won’t budge. That way you’ll be able to further protect your investment from something that you may have missed during the prep process.

We did notice that protein preparation made using this meat grinder a better experience. Make sure to lightly freeze your meat before grinding it and cube it into 1 inch square cubes if you can. This will maximize the use of the machine and give you the quality results you demand from LEM Products. When used correctly, we believe that you’ll be satisfied with this meat grinder and that’s why it gets our recommendation today.

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