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Are you ready for a smoker than can provide even cooking with better temperature disbursement? Do you want to have the flavorful results of slow-cooked smoked food, but without the hassle of gas or charcoal? Then you’re ready to experience everything that the Masterbuilt 30 inch digital smoker can provide for your home. With 4 chrome-coated racks and an 800-watt heating element, you find that it has never been easier to set it and forget it when it comes to smoking your favorite foods.

Why Choose the Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker? 

Temperature control is a key component to the smoking process. You need to make sure your food is smoking and cooking at a consistent temperature over a long period of time to experience the best results. Otherwise you may end up with dangerously undercooked food or be stuck serving what are basically charcoal briquettes instead of something tasty. The digital controls make controlling temperatures up to 275F simple with the Masterbuilt electric digital smoker.

There are these additional features that are worth considering in addition to the temperature controls if you’re looking for a new smoker to use at home.

  • It is designed to offer side loading of your preferred wood chips so you’re not forced to reduce the quality of your smoking experience on long cooking sessions.
  • The drip pan is completely removable for easy cleaning and a top air damper allows for additional customization.
  • All it takes to get this digital smoker started is the push of a button and then you can set the automatic timer so your food won’t be overcooked and dry because you forgot about it.

If you’ve never tried smoking foods before, then this is the unit for you. All you’ve got to do is find your wood chips, find your food, and then push one button to start it up.

The Advantage of the Masterbuilt 30 Inch Electric Digital Smoker

Smoking imparts a lot of flavor into your food that no other cooking method can provide. This electric smoker, however, allows you to take your grilling and smoking to the next level. A water pan is included in the design of this unit so you can add vinegar, citrus juice, beer, or other beverages to improve the moisture content of the food being smoked and adding hints of additional flavor with the final product.

If we could make one change to this design, it is for those who like to add sauces or gravies to their smoked foods while they are cooking. This Masterbuilt is a front-load design, so you’ve got to open the entire smoker to baste foods and that loses all of your heat and smoke. If you need to baste, then you basically have to start your smoking over again.

The Masterbuilt electric digital smoker might not be designed for professional rib cook-offs, but it can provide your home with an affordable method of smoking that can replicate those flavors. If you’re ready to take your home chef skills to the next level, then you’re ready to begin experimenting with everything you can do with food with an electric smoker at your disposal.

Masterbuilt 30 Inch Electric Digital Smoker Masterbuilt 30 Inch Electric Digital Smoker.

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