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This pressure canner is rustproof and is made of heavy-gauge aluminum.  It has a capacity for 16-pint jars or 5 quart jars.  It features 3 cooking pressure options, which are 5 psi, 10 psi, and 15 psi so it maintains a very steady pressure during the process.  The overpressure plug on this device is reusable.  It has a sure locking lid system and side gasket pressure release as well.

Included with the unit is a cooking rack and user guide with recipes and there is a 10-year limited warranty, which is far more than most pressure cookers offer.  For the actual replacement parts, there is a 1-year limited warranty.  The unit is dishwasher safe and offers easy clean up as well as easy maintenance.  It is silver in color and is an attractive addition to most any kitchen décor.

The fact that this canner has a jiggler on top rather than a gauge was praised in the reviews.  It was also recognized that it performed well for most and was a good price too.  There were said to be a lot of features for the price.

One thing that was noted as a negative was the there is a button in the handle that is the pressure monitoring mechanism, but that was not mentioned in the guide.  In fact, there were several mentions of the instructions for this unit being lacking in other areas of information as well.  It was stated as a negative that this pressure canner cannot be used on a flat cooktop stove but then again, most cannot be.

It was mentioned that this device comes with recipes but that they are recipes for a pressure cooker and not for a pressure canner.  It was also mentioned that this model, the 16-quart one, does not come with two cooling racks as the larger pressure canner model of this brand does.

The three choices of psi was a big plus as far as reviewers were concerned.  The fact that it is dishwasher safe was a plus too.  It was said to work well and it was stated that it was very durable too.  It is not an expensive model and many liked the price tag and related that some flaws could be overlooked given the good bargain.

The base of the cooker was noted for having a small footprint and that was a plus as was the good number of excellent safety features that it has.  The spring safety device that prevents pressure from building unless the lid is closed was another positive attribute that went along with the safety features.

It was said that if the instructions were clearer, especially concerning the dangers and things having to do with safety mechanisms, this device would be a lot safer. Though it was more the lacking of the instructions than the lacking of the device, that poor marks were given in the safety department.

All in all, this device had some issues that were mentioned, but there was a good amount of positives as well.

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