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Do you have a lot of produce coming out of your garden that you’d love to preserve? Would you like to own a food dehydrator that can be expanded to provide up to 20 trays of drying goodness? The Nesco Gardenmaster food dehydrator offers users adjustable temperature controls that will allow you to dehydrate virtually any food with ease. Powered with a 1000 watt motor on trays that don’t have to have foods separated or rotated, the 32% off the MSRP you’ll get by shopping on Amazon is a pretty good deal!

What Are the Features of This Kitchen Appliance?

The one feature that we really loved immediately with the Nesco Gardenmaster is the Converga Air Flow technology that the manufacturer has patented in this device. This forces heated air downward through the chamber and then outward horizontally so that the foods have an even drying time. The flavors don’t mix during this process and the drying time is much faster than with just a fan or heater alone.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance:

  • this unit contains adjustable temperature controls that allow for a range of temps from 95F to 160F so that jerky can be successfully and safely made;
  • it is made with an opaque exterior so that food quality won’t be broken down by exterior lighting; and
  • the fan motor on this food dehydrator operates at 2,400 RPM so that you get a good, consistent result.

With a programmable timer that works up to 48 hours, you can have your foods fully dehydrated in just hours if you want or you can delay the time to meet your specific needs. The trays are also BPA free so that you won’t have to worry about contamination.

Do You Get Any Advantages With This Food Dehydrator?

The primary advantage that is seen with this food dehydrator is how easy it is to clean it up when you’re done. It’s a really simple process to clean up when you’re done with the work. Realistically, the only disappointing aspect of this food dehydrator at this price point is that it only comes with 4 trays. You’d definitely want to expand on them!

The one issue with the design of this food dehydrator is that the outside edges of the machine tend to dry faster than the inside portions of the trays in this machine. This seems to be because of the downward pull of the heated air before distribution. This could affect your end result without some careful planning.

The Nesco Gardenmaster offers a lot of good things for a price that won’t break most budgets. It’s a mid-range food dehydrator that will let you accomplish many of your kitchen tasks in no time at all! That’s why it receives our recommendation today.

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