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Are you looking for an easier way to bake bread every day in your kitchen? Would you like a kitchen appliance that could do all of the work for you? With this Panasonic automatic bread maker, that’s exactly what you’re going to get! This kitchen appliance will not only knead the dough for you, mix in premium ingredients, and time the dough so that it will rise properly, but it will also automatically dispense the yeast at the proper time instead of putting it in with the butter products that can counteract the yeast sometimes.

With recipes for over 40 different types of bread and a 13 hour delay timer that makes planning a meal easy, you’ll be pleased to see that you could also save up to 27% off the MSRP by shopping on Amazon.

What Are the Features of This Panasonic Bread Maker?

The best feature that this bread maker is that it offers different settings for the different types of bread that you want to make. You can put it on whole wheat, multigrain, white, or even French bread and wind up with the right baking cycle for the bread you want. It even helps to make quick breads and cakes with ease if you have an immediate need for some baked goods!

There are also these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance:

  • there are timing cycle features that include fruit and nut breads that allow for perfect ingredient insertion into the bread dough;
  • the motor behind the bread maker provides an outstanding 550 watts of total baking power that sits right on your counter; and
  • you’ve got up to 3 different loaf size settings and 3 crust darkness settings from which to choose when creating your next loaf of bread.

One of the best modes with this bread maker is the pizza dough mode. Instead of making a mess out of the kitchen, you can simply throw the ingredients into the bread maker and let it do the work! With the timer included, you can prepare in the morning and then roll out your completed dough when you get home from your errands.

Are There Any Advantages With This Particular Kitchen Appliance?

The one thing that we really loved about this particular bread maker is the fact that there isn’t a viewing window in the design of the device. This lets the bread cook more evenly because the heat is better reflected back onto the dough so you won’t end up with loaves of bread that are dense, thick, and about half the size they should be.

The one thing we did notice with this bread machine is that it would struggle to produce consistent loaves on repetitive cycles on the same day. Our recommendation would be to cook one loaf per day to take full advantage of what this kitchen appliance can do.

This bread maker really does make a good loaf of bread and over time this appliance will definitely pay for itself. We fully recommend this bread maker if you’re looking to have your home smell like fresh bread or you want to avoid the commercialized loaves that are available at the store.

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