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This professional style home deep fryer is a Presto brand device that features dual stainless-steel oblong baskets.  It is great for frying larger pieces of meat such as chicken or fish.  The thermostat is adjustable and has a signal light that shows when the oil is heated enough for frying.  It holds 12 cups.

Both the heating element and the enameled pot can be removed for easy clean up.  The unit is safe, built to the specifications of North American Electrical Standards.  It has an 1800-watt immersion element so it preheats quickly and has a rapid oil temperature recovery as well.

There are a number of frying temperatures this device performs at.  It requires 3 ½ quarts of oil as a minimum and can hold 5 quarts maximum.  A cover with a charcoal air filter keeps splattering and odors to a minimum.  This deep fryer has a one year limited warranty.  The design is attractive and it nicely fits into most kitchen decors.

The reviews were generally favorable on this home fryer.  It was said to perform well, rendering crispy food that is tender on the inside.  The food was also not oily or greasy many stated which is due to a unit cooking at a high consistent heat.

It was said to look attractive too.  Many liked the fact that it has a temperature indicator, but it was stated that it sometimes comes on too early so food may be put in before the oil is hot enough.  Several reviewers did a bit of research, using their own thermometers and discovered that the unit was reading 375 degrees (ready for food to be placed in) when it was only around 345 degrees.  The reviews unanimously agreed that simply moving the oil around a bit with a utensil made the oil blend to a 375-degree temperature.  It was said to cook consistently after doing so and that the temperature stated on the thermometer was correct other than the top of it when first heating up.

It was mentioned that a single fry basket is available which can replace the smaller double ones.  It was also stated that both the single and the doubles worked well and provided for great results.  The fact that the baskets would not hold enough for a 4-6 member family at one frying was mentioned.

There were some negative reviews, one saying that the device has sharp edges and is cheaply made.  Another stated that the unit doesn’t have an oil filtering mechanism.  It was mentioned that the power cord is a bit shorter than some would like.

The device got good grades for ease of cleaning and praised for the fact that some of the pieces can go in the dishwasher like the oil pan, lid, heating element and the baskets.  Another plus mentioned was that the baskets can be raised and lowered even when the lid is on.

The price tag was appealing to many who reviewed.  Most negative points seemed to be redeemed by the fact that it is fairly inexpensive.

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