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Are you getting tired of the high costs of ground meat at the grocery store? Would you like to be able to increase the quality of the meat you use for your meatballs, meatloafs, or even your Shepherd’s Pie without having to pay more for ground choice cuts? With the STX International meat grinder, you’re getting a very affordable kitchen appliance that will bring the power of the grocer’s grinding machine to your home. It’s a Size 12 grinder with stainless steel cutting blades that will let you make spaghetti or your own sausage recipe with ease.

Best of all, you can save over $120 right now on the MSRP of this meat grinder. All you’ve got to do is shop on Amazon!

What Are the Features of the STX International?

The primary feature that we all really loved about this meat grinder is that it has a locked motor wattage of 3000 watts. There are 3 basic speed settings on this meat grinder, but it’s the peak output power that is attractive. If you’ve ground meat before, you know how difficult it can be to make sure the appliance is working correctly on a tough cut of protein. That worry is minimized here with a safety circuit breaker that will trip before the motor overheats and dies on you.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance:

  • it comes with an attachment that is specifically designed for sausage tubing so you can make authentic butcher shop quality gourmet sausage at home;
  • there are 3 grinding plates that have been made with tempered steel that will let you create a finely ground end product or a coarsely chopped protein based on your needs; and
  • this meat grinder comes with a 3 year fix-it or replace-it 100% guarantee that includes parts and labor.

If you’ve never tried grinding meat before at home, then this is definitely the automatic grinder to get. It will make quick work out of your cooking chores with just the push of a button!

Are There Advantages To Using the STX International Grinder?

The primary advantage that we saw with this meat grinder is that it utilizes a cast aluminum grinding head. If you use a meat grinder consistently, then the grinding head tends to get the most exposure to moisture elements and this can cause corrosion, discoloration, or worse that can affect the quality of your meat. With this kitchen appliance, you get a unit that is easy to clean and care for, yet gives you a consistently outstanding result every single time.

If there was one improvement that could be made with this device, it would be in the gear components. Many of them are made from plastic, which means one missed bone is going to create problems for the machine and potentially blow it out.

Overall, however, this is a pretty good deal on a kitchen appliance that you can use regularly. If you avoid placing bones into the device, you’ll find that it has the ability to efficiently get any grinding job done for your next recipe!

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