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Are you looking for one of the easiest to use mandolines that is on the market today? Do you want something that has the ability to be flexible, durable, and still give you the perfect slices for your fruits and vegetables? The Swissmar Borner V-7000 puts a lot of value into a small, compact mandoline for your convenience. Coming in 4 colors and with all of the safety devices you’d expect to see on a quality mandoline, it’s V-shaped cutting surface will make fast work out of your prep chores. It’s priced for less than $50 on Amazon right now!

What Are the Features of the V-7000?

The best feature on this mandoline is the way you can adjust the size of the slice that you’re creating. It’s a patented push button that you use to modify the thickness of the cut. You just push it in and you get a thicker or thinner cut without having to remove the insert. It then defaults to a baseline setting that keeps the V-blade safe from the fingers when you’re not using the mandoline.

Here are some of the other features to consider with this particular kitchen appliance:

  • it includes prongs that will hold food securely for you as the guards stay in place to protect your fingers from each slice;
  • it offers 3 different inserts that are two blade sizes of 7mm and 3.5mm, plus a thick/thin plane slicer; and
  • the appliance is designed to give you four different cuts, including cubes, fries, shredding, and julienne.

Although the price point on this mandoline is a little higher than other compact counter models that fit into a drawer, the extra quality can immediately be seen. It works in an ambidextrous way to make sure that everyone can work safely and without exerting a lot of pressure that can lead to fatigue and errors.

Are There Any Advantages With the V-7000?

You’ll notice how sharp this kitchen appliance is right away. It’s seriously sharp! It’s so sharp, in fact, that we’d recommend wearing a cut-proof glove while using the device even when you’ve got all of the mandoline’s safety equipment working on your behalf. One stray little finger is all it takes to put a slice where you don’t want it! The advantage, however, is that you can slice up virtually anything with ease.

The one improvement that could be made on this device would be on that push button size adjuster. It works ok, but it can be awkward to use when you’re in the middle of your prep work. If you push the button too hard, you can even end up disassembling the unit from time to time. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but is something of which you should be aware.

Otherwise this is a pretty good little mandoline that will stand up to the tough jobs with ease. If you’re looking for an easy way to speed up your prep work in the kitchen, this device can make that happen for you. That’s why it receives our recommendation today!

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