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This home deep fryer is a T-fal brand fryer.  It is quite easy to maintain and simple to clean and is a stainless steel immersion variety. The state-of-the-art device has a capacity of up to 2.65 pounds of food so it easily accommodates a nice size family.  It uses 3.3 liters of oil and has a basket that goes into two positions, one for cooking and one for draining the food.  There is a handy external basket handle as well so it can be safely carried with ease.

The patented oil filtration system with automatic oil drainage system works well to automatically drain the used oil and it even filters the good oil from the bad.  There is an odor filtration system too so the grease does not get rancid.  There are removable parts that can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher after they are removed although the electrical parts are not to be in water, of course.  The unit performs at 1,700 watts in power and carries a 1 year limited warranty.

This home fryer is one of the more modern models with many features to offer.  It is not cheap and if fact, it is in the upper-mid price range level or even up to the upper range.  It does have quite a few features that many reviewers thought highly of for the most part.  There were so negatives pointed out though.

The reviews were generally favorable for the most part. There were many who stated they loved the way the unit cooked.  They raved about the consistently in which the food cooked.  The temperature levels were said to be accurate and dependable.  Many also stated that it was an attractive addition to the kitchen and liked the stainless steel design.

Many had good things to say about the many extra features as well.  The filtration system for the oil was a huge plus on this model.  The odor filtration system was said by some to be helpful yet others said they could not tell any difference.  The baskets were a good plus for the unit and the carrying handles were a positive as well.  The fact that this unit works on 1,700 watts was a good mention since that means it heats fast initially and then once the food is put in, it heats back up quickly as well.  Some mentioned that helped the food not taste greasy or get soggy.

There was mention of oil leaking out by more than one who reviewed.  Overall, the consumers who reviewed spoke well of the device and really liked the fact that it accommodates an entire family.  There was concern over several things like a lot of odor or vapor in the air despite the odor filtration system.  Another mention was that when even the slightest bit overfilled from the fill indication line, the unit will overflow and foam oil out.  The reviewers felt there should be a leeway given so the line was not drawn so dramatically to perhaps allow for a little human error.

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