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Are you tired of home meat grinders that just don’t live up to their reputation? Do you want a quality kitchen appliance that will help you create stunning dishes time and time again? The Weston 22 Pro Series Meat Grinder will definitely let you grind meat like a professional! Not only does it have the capabilities of processing over 700 pounds of meat per hour, but it has a motor that is permanently lubricated and injected with air. Best of all, you can save $70 right now on this meat grinder just by shopping for it on Amazon today!

The Features of the Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder

The primary feature of this meat grinder that we really love is that the components are all made from a high grade stainless steel. Not only does this make cleaning up the meat grinder a simple process, but it will also prevent any little plastic chunks from getting into your sausage recipe because you’ve got a plastic feeding assembly. It’s a solid, well built, trustworthy machine that would work well in any butcher shop, much less a home kitchen.

There’s also these additional features to consider as well:

  • this meat grinder is strong enough to produce a quality grind on even tough game meats like elk, moose, or venison that have a lot of fibers in the tissues;
  • there are a variety of different tubing options that come with this meat grinder, including a snack stick option; and
  • the gears on this meat grinder are all made from metal so you won’t have to worry about plastic components degrading if a small speck of protein happens to get into them.

If you’re looking to grind a lot of meat because you’re a hunter, a small restaurant owner, or you’re just tired of inferior fatty ground meat options at your local grocer, then you will definitely love what this kitchen appliance will bring into your home. It even comes equipped with rubber feet for stability so you won’t have to anchor it to your countertop!

What Are the Advantages of This Meat Grinder?

The primary advantage that we noticed with this meat grinder was the size of the feeding tube. It’s no lie that it can produce upwards of 12 pounds of ground meat per minute thanks to a large throat that is nearly 3 full inches in diameter! It works on any standard household electrical circuit of 120v and weighs 60 pounds, so there won’t be any shifting around when you’re using this kitchen appliance! It’s even strong enough to grind whole chickens without issue, including the bones.

There are not many products where we’re fully satisfied with the product without a complaint or an improvement, but this is definitely one of them! If anything, be careful about feeding in too many tendons or bones at the same time because it can muck up the system and force you to clean it out. Otherwise this is a high quality meat grinder that Weston has produced and it receives one of our highest recommendations.

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