Thirst has Closed

Thirst  has closed our offline location at 0315 SW Montgomery Street Portland, Oregon 97201.

But, don’t despair! We’ve selected some of our favorite recipes from the Thirst Bistro menu that highlighted Pacific NW ingredients and the kitchen appliances we used to make them, and you can find them here on Appliances Reviewed.

  • Did you enjoy our build your own burgers? We made them from scratch in house, using a high quality bread machine for our own burger buns and refer to our meat grinder reviews to get started on making your own burger patties.
  • Our great dips were hand made in house. Want to get started making your own? Read our immersion blender reviews and pick one up.
  • Were you a fan of our chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream? Learn how to make your own with our brownie recipe.
  • Did you enjoy our cocktails and mocktails? Check out these soda makers to make your own at home.
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