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Do you need a rice cooker that can provide you with a high capacity of cooked food? Would you like the ability to create one pot meals quickly instead of through a slow cooking process? With the Aroma ARC-150SB Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, the company has produced an outstanding kitchen appliance that will meet many of your cooking needs with ease. Holding up to 10 cups of uncooked rice, you’ll have a large enough inner pot to steam meats and veggies at the same time if you wish.

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What Are the Features of This Aroma Rice Cooker? 

The primary feature that we really enjoyed with this rice cooker where the digital controls right on the front of the unit. Available on the silver and black models, you can set a delay timer for up to 15 hours so that you can prepare your food now and then have dinner waiting for you when you get back home from work. It works really well with the extended cooking times with brown and wild rice as well thanks to the one-touch menu settings.

There are these additional features to think about with this kitchen appliance too:

  • the inner pot is coated with a nonstick cooking surface so that rice sticking is prevented and cleanup chores will take just a couple minutes;
  • this rice cooker also comes with a serving spatula, a measuring cup, and a steam tray to maximize the use of this appliance; and
  • it produces a consistent result with a number of different foods so that you can spend less time cooking on the days where you don’t really feel like doing anything.

Because this inner cooking pot is a nonstick surface, you’ve got to be really careful about what you use to stir the rice. Any nonstick surface will scratch and this may leave chemicals in your food over time or affect the integrity of the rice cooker itself.

Are There Advantages to Using This Rice Cooker?

If you’ve been using rice cookers for awhile, then you likely know that the secret to a good cooking experience is to soak the rice for a bit first to remove the extra starch build-up on the grains. With this rice cooker, you can actually skip this step if you are cooking the 4 cup minimum or up to about 6 cups. You’ll still get that starchy overflow building up, but it is controllable and you’ll still get fluffy rice as an outcome!

The one place where an improvement could be made on this particular model is in the design of the lid. There’s a plastic hinge there that has to be cleaned regularly and it’s not very easy to access. You may even need to remove the lid at times to do so, which means taking the screws out that affix the lid to the body of this kitchen appliance. Needless to say, it’s not necessarily an easy task if you don’t stay on top of this!

For the most part, however, this highly affordable rice cooker will provide a tremendous amount of value to any home. It receives a strong recommendation from us today because it really does make your cooking chores a lot easier to complete!

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