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Are you looking for a bread maker that will provide you with a lot of versatility? Do you want your new appliance to be flexible enough to cook different types of bread, yet provide you still with consistent results? With the Cuisinart Breadmaker, that’s exactly what you’re going to get! The design of this appliance allows you to make 1 lb, 1.5 lb, or 2 lb loaves of bread quickly and easily. You just put in your ingredients and the machine does the rest! You can even save up to 46% off the MSRP of this particular Cuisinart model just by shopping on a website like Amazon!

What Features Come With This Kitchen Appliance?

It’s the preprogrammed menu options that really stand out on this Cuisnart. You’re going to get 3 crust settings that will give you a light, soft crust or a dark and crunchy one. There are also 9 additional bread specific settings that you can utilize so that the perfect loaf of bread can be baked whether it is sourdough or classic Italian. Add in the delay timer that can let you program up to 13 hours of wait time and you’ll find a lot value in this small appliance.

There’s these additional features to consider as well:

  • there are stay cool handles affixed to the side of the appliance so you can quickly move it if necessary, even during the baking process in an emergency;
  • the design features a viewing window that will let you track the progress of the dough mixing so you can see if flour or water might need to be added; and
  • the paddle, pan, and lid are all easy to remove so that all of your cleaning chores are a simple task.

With the measuring cup and spoon that are included, along with the recipe book, you can have a loaf of bread baked in about 4 hours from scratch once you receive this machine. That’s a tremendous benefit for many homes today!

Does This Kitchen Appliance Have Any Advantages?

The primary advantage that comes with using this particular bread maker is the fact that there are gluten-free baking options included with this bread maker. Although you won’t want to alternate between gluten and gluten-free breads, you won’t aggravate a gluten sensitivity if you bake with this appliance with safe options form the very start. It won’t overmix your dough to give you that terribly dense consistency that is so typical of gluten-free recipes either.

The one issue that comes up with this bread maker is that you’ve really got to watch it. In some ways, it’s a lot like a temperamental 2 year old. It throws a temper tantrum and you end up with a brick instead of a loaf of bread. Keep an eye on the mixing and baking cycles, make sure it hasn’t reset to an earlier cycle before starting to bake, and you’ll find that this bread maker will help you solve your bread baking needs.

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