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Are you tired of having to add butter and oil to your rice to stop it from burning on the bottom of your pan? Would you love to have a kitchen appliance that can double as a vegetable steamer as well? With this Aroma rice cooker, you’re going to get an appliance that will help you solve these problems and many more! Holding up to 4 cups of uncooked rice at a time and coming in silver or white, you can even steam meat in this appliance because of its size.

Now here’s the best part: it’s only $30 on Amazon right now!

What Are the Features of This Digital Rice Cooker?

If you’re used to entry-level rice cookers that just have a basic on/off switch that automatically turns on when you plug the appliance in, then you’ll love the digital controls of this Aroma unit. You can quickly cycle through the various cooking options and even set a programmable delay if you want of up to 15 hours. Why set the delay? Because you can even soak beans in this rice cooker and have them come out softer and faster than traditional soaking methods!

Here are some of the other advantages of this helpful kitchen appliance:

  • it offers functions that will let you cook soups or brown rice in addition to the traditional rice cooker settings of which you may be familiar;
  • the rice cooker will automatically switch to a stay warm mode once the cooking process is completed for easy meal planning; and
  • this rice cooker is incredibly easy to clean as the inner cooking pot and the other accessories, like the steaming tray, are all removable.

Instead of having to sit over a hot stove to watch the rice so the water doesn’t boil over too much or you don’t burn the starch, you really can just toss it into this kitchen appliance and let it do all the work for you. You just might find yourself wanting to eat more rice and soups with this rice cooker in your kitchen!

Are There Any Advantages To Using This Product?

It’s not a particular feature that gives this appliance an advantage. It’s the simple fact that this rice cooker is so easy to use! The kids can cook rice for dinner because you literally just have to put in the right amount of water to the amount of rice you put into it. Then you just turn it and and the rice cooks up perfectly every time. It takes almost zero cooking skills, which means virtually anyone can improve the quality of their diet with this one affordable kitchen appliance.

As with any rice cooker, however, you must remember to either stir the rice or tend to it after the cooking cycle as the rice near the bottom can toast off at times. That’s a small price to pay, however, for the ease of use that you’ll get with this particular appliance!

This rice cooker receives one of our highest recommendations because it is built with the average home cook in mind. You might just find that this is the best $30 you’ll ever spend on yourself!

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