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Are you looking for a solid hand mixer that has the power to do virtually anything in your kitchen when you’ve got a baking craving to fulfill? Would you love to own a tool that can transform your cooking from ok to gourmet? What you’re going to want to consider owning is the Breville Handy Mix. This hand mixer is a solid contributor to your kitchen chores with a strong motor, useful features, and a lot of strength. When you shop on Amazon for your hand mixer, you can even save 33% off of the MSRP of this kitchen appliance.

What Are the Features of the Breville Handy Mix?

The primary feature with this hand mixer is the amount of mixing speeds that you get with this small appliance. Instead of 6, 9, or even 12 speed settings like other models in this price point offer, the Breville Handy Mix gives you 16 speed options that you can change with one-touch convenience. Go from light mixing for heavy batter or bread dough to high speed whipping in just an instant.

You may also want to consider these additional features as well of this Breville hand mixer:

  • it offers users a backlit LCD screen with a timer function so that you’ll have more control over the final product;
  • it is designed with a heel rest that is designed specifically so that the hand mixer won’t tip over when you set it down; and
  • it comes with two beaters, two dough hooks, and a wire whisk.

With 200 watts of power and a timer for recipes that require specific mixing times, you’ll have all of the tools you need in your kitchen for a fair, competitive price. Coming in three distinct colors, you’ll be able to select the right tool, the right color, and get it for the right price.

Are There Any Advantages To the Breville Handy Mix?

The one advantage that we noticed straight away with this hand mixer is that the strength of the beaters are improved over other makes and models at this price point. Some beaters look so thin and weak that you don’t really want to use them to make cookie dough or even a thick biscuit! With these Breville beaters, however, you’ll have a kitchen appliance that will give you a lot of confidence in the kitchen.

If there was one design improvement to make with this hand mixer, it would be to have a double whisk instead of a single option. This tends to be something more of a personal preference, but with the one whisk you risk splashing your cream or egg whites into the locking mechanism of the hand mixer and that is a pain to clean out if it happens!

Overall, however, this hand mixer delivers a lot of value for this price point. It’s strong, durable, and will give you the right tool that you may need to get your baking chores done in a snap! If you’re ready to get a hand mixer, we strongly recommend considering this hand mixer to meet your needs because it will do so efficiently and reliably.

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