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Are you looking for an easy way to make fast work out of all your food slicing chores? Do you have a limited budget that won’t allow for you to spend much to get a lot? That’s where the Chef’s Choice 609 will come to provide you a lot of value. With a 7 inch multipurpose blade that is powered by a high-torque motor, you can get razor thin slices or 1 inch thick slices with this quality food slicer. Made of stainless steel and cast aluminum, you’ll even be able to save up to 27% off the MSRP when you make a purchase on Amazon.

What Are the Features of This Food Slicer? 

The primary feature that we really enjoyed with this food slicer was how easy it was to clean it down. It takes literally seconds to pull it apart and wipe it down so you can transition between foods easily and without contamination. Supported by a series of safety measures that will help to keep everyone safe, you can even get surge protection help thanks to the included safety fuse. This all leads to efficient slicing and stunning dishes.

There are also a number of other features to consider with this kitchen appliance as well:

  • the guide rods are made of stainless steel instead of a high grade plastic so that your food can always come out consistently;
  • the food carriage is of a good size and made from an ABS plastic that is covered with a stainless steel top, supported with plastic glide rails that make for less friction; and
  • the design of this food slicer is created in such a way that it will reduce the amount of sound decibels that are produced by this motor.

There is the issue of plastic gears that are within this food slicer. The 609 model from Chef’s Choice as fewer overall metal components are included in this model when compared with the 610. Even so, the routing and construction of this kitchen appliance are excellent indeed.

Is There an Advantage To Using This Food Slicer? 

This food slicer comes equipped with a serrated blade that works with many foods, but if you invest into the non-serrated blade you’ll be able to maximize the use of this food slicer. The serrated blade tends to grab foods and bring them down, creating a ripped cut in many foods. The other blade provides a much cleaner, concise cut.

The one design flaw in this Chef’s Choice meat slicer is that the feed tray has a gap between it and the blade. If you’re cutting softer items, this tends to feed food products into the gap and have them rotate around the blade. This is another problem that tends to be solved with a transition to the non-serrated blade.

For the value that you’ll get from this food slicer, it is undoubtedly a good purchase. Although it has a few issues that an be resolved with another bit of an investment, you’ll immediately improve your slicing ability with careful slices.’

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