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This fryer is Char-Broil brand.  The Big Easy device is a smoker, roaster and grill and is infrared powered.  It is an outdoor cooker and requires absolutely no charcoal or oil to operate.  It is a healthier and safer option because there is no hot grease that can splatter and no hot charcoal bricks.  There is also no need for a pit rod nor are there ever any flare ups to deal with.  The fryer has an internal smoker box that utilizes chips or pellets and a water pan is not necessary.  This device can handle a 25 pound turkey.  It measures 180 square inches at 18″ x 24″ x 36″.  The legs are built safely and are quite sturdy.

It is constructed of an attractive design with a hood top coating that is made of porcelain which is easy to clean and looks great too.  Both the hood and handles that are cool to the touch so you won’t get burned getting your bird out.  The unit is not only a handsome one, it is energy efficient as well.  Because it is an infrared unit, it uses less power and generates at least 65 percent infrared heat that gives an even spreads throughout the cooking surface in a consistent manner.  It will not dry the turkey and makes it tender and juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside.  The temperature ranges from simmer to sear and can be easily controlled. The temperature control is from 9,000 to 18,000 BTUs.  It comes with a meat thermometer, grease collection tray, variable temperature control, and rotary ignition.

Infrared cooking works by using natural, radiant heat when is directly applied to the food, unlike traditional gas grills that depend on hot air to cook.  Infrared limits hot air and therefore will not dry the food out like convective heat does.  It actually penetrates through the food without drying it and also locks in the flavors and the juices.

There were many positive reviews on this fry unit.  Any mentioned liking the fact that it cooked their food evenly and rendered it tender and juicy.  Some stated that they cooked other foods besides turkey and were happy with the results.  There was mention that this unit saves money since it does not require the use of oil which can cost $20 or more per cook.

Most said the cooker was well made and construction was sturdy.  There was a mention otherwise and that the warranty was poor.  There was at least one review that said there was rust on the underside and a few stated they have had uneven cooking at times.  Overall, the fryer was said to cook well though.

The drawer that catches the drippings was praised and it was said that the drippings can actually be used to make gravy because they are collected in the tray and come out very clean.  It was also commented upon that the inside being stainless-steel is an advantage as far as cleaning and for rust prevention.

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