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This Masterbuilt brand Butterball Indoor Generation lll Fryer is electric and has an extra-large capacity.  It is able to cook a 20 pound turkey.  It is an indoor version and has a design that is built for safety and in fact, it is certified safe.  The stainless-steel on the outer side is attractive and durable.  The pot is coated with porcelain for easy cleaning and even cooking and uses 33 percent less oil than conventional fryers.  It comes with a cooking basket and drain clip.

This unit is well made and durable, safe and convenient.  This device is super easy to clean, easy to use and operate and even has a convenient drain valve that releases the grease making it safer than those that require pouring.  It operates on 1,650 watt heating element so it heats oil quicker than most units do.

Also included in the package is spices, marinades and cooking accessories.  There is a timer so you never have to worry about watching the clock and also a thermometer so you know you for sure what temperature you are cooking at.

The reviews for this unit were mostly positive.  The design was evepraised and the fact that it looks nice was praised as well.  The durability of the fryer was mentioned by quite a few who felt it was built to last.  Others were impressed with the safety certification and the safety features too.  The drain port was said to be efficient for cleaning and an added safety feature too.  It was said that in general, the device was very easy to clean, especially compared to many other units.

The advantage of having a timer was mentioned by quite a few.  The thermometer was brought up as a plus too.  It was noted that there were no splattering.  Many were very happy to have a fryer that they could safely use inside their home.

The fact that the fryer unit is extra-large capacity was praised by many who wanted this size fryer in order to cook a bigger turkey for a holiday or event.  They also liked the fact that they could also cook smaller ones or other foods as well.

The consistency and even cooking was mentioned as a positive too.  It was neutrally stated that a larger bird did not fry as crisp as smaller ones. Many shared they cook more than turkey in the unit.

As far as negative feedback, the fact that the heat only goes to 375 was stated as well as the short length of the cord.  Still, some said that even a short cord was a small price to pay for not having to use propane. One review detailed that her unit quit working on the second use but that she was given a new unit and was very pleased with the solution.

The main thing that stood out in the reviews was the safety feature of this fryer.  Several mentioned that they purchased this device due to close calls with other models.

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