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Are you looking for a commercial quality food slicer for your kitchen that doesn’t come with a commercial price? Do you want a slicer that can work upright for cheese or proteins, but be tilted for bread or vegetables? The Chef’s Choice 632 food slicer has the ability to solve these problems and much more! Although it comes equipped with just a 7 inch blade, it does have a child-proof safety switch that will reduce the chances of an accident occurring. Best of all, this extremely versatile kitchen appliance is available on Amazon right now for a price that will save you over $150!

What Are the Features of This Food Slicer?

It’s the flexibility of the power switch that attracted us initially to this food slicer. It’s a pressure-related switch that will automatically turn off the blade once your thumb is released from the switch. If you want the blade to continually run, you can just set the switch to the on position and then turn it off when you’re done. The child-proof switch is hidden in such a way that it is difficult to access and when engage, the blade won’t turn on even if the pressure switch is engage.

There are also these additional features to consider when using this food slicer:

  • thanks to the combination of stainless steel and plastic components, this kitchen appliance weighs just 11 pounds;
  • the thickness control knob allows for easy adjustments in the slicing from razor thin to just above ½ inch in size; and
  • there is a plastic tray included with this food slicer to help catch the sliced items as they emerge from the appliance.

Although this food slicer is at the high end of the price points for appliances in this class, it will provide you with one of the best user experience in its class as well. There is definitely a lot of value that is received for the price of this food slicer!

Are There Any Advantages With This Food Slicer?

The primary advantage that comes with this food slicer is in its design which makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain the unit. It comes apart in just a few seconds and then wipes down with a wet cloth. That allows for the integrity of the food to remain and provide a healthy alternative to the more expensive sliced items that you’ll find at the average deli.

The one thing that we would change out in this food slicer if given the opportunity are the plastic components that are in strategic places. Many of the gears on this food slicer are plastic, as are some of the screws that keep the blade in place. This results in damage sometimes to the unit, even with high grade plastics being used.

Overall, however, we feel that this food slicer provides and excellent investment to those who are looking for a quality kitchen appliance. It works consistently, is easy to maintain, and will provide your food with consistent slices – even with regular use.

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