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Are you tired of paying premium prices at the deli just so you can have some sliced meat at home? Would you love to be able to save money on every sandwich you make? That becomes a reality when you own a meat slicer and the Chef’s Choice 615 puts up a compelling argument about why you should own it. It’s a multipurpose slicing device that will let you cut items to that premium deli-thin level up to .75 inches without hesitation. With a 7 inch blade, most items can be cut in not time at all! You’ll even be able to save up to30% on the MSRP of this kitchen appliance if you shop through Amazon for it.

What Are Some of This Meat Slicer’s Features?

The one feature that really stood out to us on this meat slicer was the food carriage locking mechanism. There’s a special button that you press that will help you to secure the blade on this kitchen appliance when you’re not using it. That makes it possible for households with small children to still be able to enjoy this device without having to worry about it accidentally turning on when someone gets a little too curious.

There’s also these additional features to enjoy on this kitchen appliance:

  • this meat slicer is specifically designed to be easy to clean as all of the items, including the blade and food carriage, are easy to remove and then install once again;
  • it handles large capacities of food thanks to the extended nature of the carriage itself; and
  • the slicer is designed with an intermittent on/off switch to further enhance user safety.

If you eat a lot of sandwiches, then you’re definitely going to enjoy owning this kitchen appliance. It’s versatile enough, however, to allow you to slice other items with ease. Imagine being able to slice your own cheese, tomatoes, and vegetables for a salad or as an add-on for that burger you’ve got on the grill in just a few seconds. That’s the power of this appliance.

Do You Receive Any Advantages With This Specific Meat Slicer?

The primary advantage that comes with this meat slicer is the design of the cantilever. In combination with the food carriage, you can literally slice your meats or other food products directly onto your serving trays and platters to save time. The carriage also fully retracts so you can cut up a large roast or a full ham if need be as well. With this versatility at this price point, it really is a quality kitchen appliance that you’d receive upon purchasing.

Is there anything that we would change with this product? The one issue we saw with this unit is that the cutting blade isn’t really flush with the blade housing. If your food being sliced is longer than the blade diameter, then it’s going to hit the housing and cause you problems. We’d change that.

For most foods, however, this meat slicer is going to quickly and easily get the job done for you. For the average home kitchen, the price of this appliance can easily be made up in food savings thanks to home slicing and that’s why it receives our recommendation.

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