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This pressure cooker is a Cuisinart brand and operates at 1000 watts.  It is a 6-quart version.  It is constructed of brushed stainless steel and has a matte black top and bottom.  The push button display is simple to use and convenient to see.  It has a digital display and a thermostat for precise cooking.

The cooker not only cooks with pressure, it simmers, browns, sautés and warms.  There are settings for each of the cooking features.  It has a high and low option.   There is also a 99- minute countdown timer with LED display and the handle is a cool-touch so there is no risk of getting burned from it.  The cooker pot is dishwasher safe and is of the non-stick variety.  A dishwasher-safe trivet comes with the device.  The dimensions are as follows: 12-1/5 by 12-1/5 by 13-1/5 inches.

The manufacturer has designed an improved packaging system in compliance with Amazon to be certain that it will arrive in the same great condition it left the factory in.

One plus for this device is that it is highly energy efficient.  It cooks quickly and, therefore, uses about 70% less power than it would take a normal meal to cook otherwise.  It is also a nutritionally conducive item as the food cooked inside of it retains more vitamins and minerals since it is cooked hastily.

Another bonus is that when the preset feature is used, it allows liquids to be cooked at a lower temperature.  It also warms foods and has a setting where they will stay warm for up to 12 hours.  This setting can be programmed for automatic.  For browning, the unit can be used with the lid off before it is set to pressure cook so that meat and vegetables can get the sealed-in flavor of braising or browning and the appealing visual effect too.

A good number of those that reviewed had favorable things to say about cooking rice in the unit.  The warming feature and slow cooking feature were of good reports as well.

While there are some reports of defective parts or functions, the situations were handled.  Overall, this product had extremely high ratings and then a few low ones due to problems with the product having issue upon receipt of it.  Again, most did mention that the problem was rectified.  Several reviews noted defections stated that they did receive a replacement and were satisfied with the solution.  There were accounts from some who had been using their cooker for months or longer and were having no problems at all and loved their new addition to the kitchen.

This product has safety precautions such as the fact that the cooker must be locked in order for it to work.  It will not unlock until the inside pressure has gone back to zero.  It is praised for its easy use, simple instructions and convenient features.  This pressure cooker is in mid-range in price, selling for around $100.

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