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Are you looking for a kitchen appliance that can give you a high capacity of ground meat consistently? Do you want something that will protect the quality of the protein that you’re grinding without compromising on your safety? With the Sunmile meat grinder, you’re getting a stainless steel kitchen appliance that can grind over 150 pounds of meat per hour depending on the protein you’re using. It also has a circuit breaker that automatically trips in case of overheating. Add to that the fact that you can save over $200 by shopping on Amazon for this item right now and you’ve got yourself a lot of value!

What Are the Features of the Sunmile Meat Grinder?

The primary feature we really enjoyed with this meat grinder was the fact that the overhead tray has a nice capacity. This is definitely an advantage if you’re used to grinding one or two small chunks of meat at a time with smaller capacity machines! You can keep this appliance humming along too thanks to the good ventilation that has been included around the motor. Take fresh proteins, grind them up for a stunning dish, and you’ll see why this grinder is loved by so many today!

There are also these additional features to consider:

  • the appliance has a max motor rating of 1000 watts so you can grind virtually anything without too much trouble;
  • it comes with three stainless steel cutting plates that will help you grind meat into various sizes; and
  • the parts on this meat grinder are extremely easy to take apart and clean so you won’t end up with those after odors a day or two later.

The key to a quality grinding experience for most proteins is to freeze them for a brief period of time before you start to grind them. Cutting them into cubes helps the process along even more. That will help you get the most out of this kitchen appliance.

Are There Any Advantages To Using This Meat Grinder?

The primary advantage that you get with this product is the multiple speed format that will let you instantly reverse the feed if you suspect a clog is about to happen. As with any home meat grinder, heavy doses of gristle or chunks of bone are not going to do good things to this appliance. You can counter that issue with the freezer approach and with proactive reversing of the flow occassionally to unclog the grinder.

If there was one place for improvement with this kitchen appliance, it would be with the internal gears of the motor. They are made of formed plastic and although it is a high quality plastic, it can still degrade rapidly under high heat or high moisture environments. Definitely take this into consideration as you shop around for a meat grinder.

For an affordable option to start grinding meat, however, there are a lot of good qualities that this very affordable small appliance can provide. With good care, it will be able to take care of you for some time to come.

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