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This Instant Pot brand pressure cooker is 6.33 quarts and features 6 functions.  It not only serves as a pressure cooker but also sautés, browns, warms, steams and doubles as a rice and slow cooker.  The third-generation piece of technology features a smart program with a total of ten possible applications.  It has an embedded microprocessor.  Options include automatic warming, 3 temperature settings for lower heat cooking and also has a delay cooking time selection available too.

The product is made of stainless steel and has a black bottom, trim, and lid.  The bottom is of 3-ply stainless steel and comes with a separate steam rack that is also made out of stainless steel.  A rice paddle, measuring cup, soupspoon, instructions, a cooking time chart and even a collection of recipes accompany the product.

The device is UL and ULC certification and has 10 safety features, which include a safety lock lid, pressure regulator and a system that monitors to assure food does not burn.  It is also energy efficient, using about 70% less energy than conventional cooking methods.

In addition, the cooker has a fingerprint proof outside, features an easy to clean design and is also very quiet.  It does not leak steam nor does it heat the air or surfaces around it.

Selling for around $125, the product is in the mid to upper mid price range.  Most consumers who reviewed this product found that to be a fair price for the features it offers.

Very high reviews were given to this small appliance as a rice cooker.  Some reviewers stated that it is so compact and convenient and that it heats so quickly, they use it instead of a microwave for health reasons.  Others also stated that they especially liked the fact that they did not have to bother with standing beside the cooker to detect when the device had heated up since it is automatic and programmable.

One complaint several had was that it does not heat up to as high of a level as some pressure cookers do.  It appears it is more of a medium or medium-high level.  Most also expressed that this was not a huge concern and it was worth sacrificing for the positive attributes found in the cooker.  It was also cited that the cooking times that are described in the booklet that accompanies the product may be misleading because they do not factor in the heating time which incidentally, are not long lengths of time but might be significant if a particular food has a strict cooking time regulation.

A main praise of the product in the reviews was that it is easy to use, small in size and safe.  Some stated that they were wary of using a pressure cooker at all but felt at ease with this model.  Others indicated that they make smaller meals so this more compact size works well for them.

Overall, the reviews of this product were positive ones.

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