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This GranPappy Presto model electric deep fryer is a basic black countertop unit with a bucket-style design.  It features a heavy-duty cast aluminum, non-stick finish and so it cleans up quickly and easily and also does not let the food stick to it.  It also promotes consistent cooking.  It features skid-resistant rubber feet making it much safer than other devices that tend to slide around.

The device operates at 1500 watts.  It consistently keeps oil at optimum temperature automatically.  It has a handy magnetic safety cord and comes complete with a slotted scoop spoon and a snap-on storage lid as well. This appliance is quite safe and is built to North American Electrical Standards.  It only uses 6 cups of oil and maintains a consistent frying temperature for perfect frying.  It uses 120 watts and 60 Hz only.  It measures 8 by 8-1/2 inches and has a one-year limited warranty.

It is recommended that after using, this device be allowed to cool completely. When it has cooled down completely, the grease can be emptied out.  Then, the device can be washed with warm and sudsy water and then dried.  It cannot be immersed.  Doing so can risk ruining the entire fryer.  Since it is made of non-stick material, no abrasive cleaning materials should be used on it like steel wool or those with scratchy surfaces.

Although it is stated that a lid can be used on the device to prevent splattering, the lid that comes with it is one that is for storage only. It is not designed to be used while the unit is being used and very well may melt.  The only time the device really splatters, as a rule, was said to be when new food is placed into the device and it splashes up a bit from the change of temperature, as grease does tend to do.

Most reviews on this unit were good.  Some were praising the convenience and durability and mentioning that it cooked great but it was noted that it tends to undercook at times such as chicken with the bone in but, most agreed that in general, it cooks evenly and consistently the majority of the time.  The price was considered a positive bonus.

It was said that in general, the cooking was even and that it is very lightweight and although it is considered by some to be just a glorified pot that holds oil, it was noted that it is easy to store and does not take up too much room if left on the counter plus the design is nice and attractive and goes well with most kitchen decors.  Many felt that when compared to many other makes and models of the same size and price range, this model came out on top in quite a few categories.

While there were some who felt that the device could benefit from some extra added features, it was pretty unanimous that the price tag was good for what this fryer does.

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