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This  is a manual version by Kitchener.  It is a high-quality sausage stuffer that is reliable and built to last.  It has a removable stainless steel cylinder and base so it can be easily cleaned and it is not going to rust.  It also can be cleaned easily and quickly.

A food-grade plastic piston has a built-in stainless steel relief valve to avoid blowouts and for safety.  It too is easy and convenient to clean.  The upright canister takes up little space but performs as well as a horizontal stuff.  The base of the unit can be securely attached to a flat surface for stability.  This sausage stuffer device includes 3 stuffing tubes, which are ½ inches, 7/8 inches and 1 inch in size. It has a 5-pound capacity.

The removable outlet is 4 7/8 inches wide x 8 inches in height.  The steel cylinder is easy to clean and maintain and the stainless steel base 8 1/2in. long handle is easy to crank and handle.  There are predrilled holes for attaching it to a counter or table surface.  The base itself is a welded steel frame.

The reviews for this product ranged from good to not so good.  On the positive side, the device was praised for being durable, for the most part.  The stainless steel parts were said to be sturdy and strong.  There was at least one that got a defective plastic gear parts that broke upon the first use.  The process of getting a replacement was said to have not taken place by the time of the review.

The plastic handle of another unit was reported to have broken.  It was also said that the handle actually worked fine initially and then the handle snapped due to it being made of plastic.  It was said by this reviewer that the LEM model is made more durable and has metal parts.  There were more than one reports of such breakage of plastic parts yet some solutions were suggested for the replacement of them.

It was further reviewed that the sausage stuffer worked great and that it is very easy to take apart to clean and easy to put it back together as well.  The hog casings were said to be easy attach to the tubes and that they do not do any damage to the casings in the process.

It was stated that the handle allowed for smooth action and went at the correct pace when stuffing them.  No air was trapped due to the relief valves it was noted.  But it was also said that it needs food grade lubricant in order to lubricate the O-ring, which is a bit dry.  The fact that it can only be hand washed was mentioned but did not reflect as a negative necessarily.

The unit was said to be great for smaller jobs of little batches, but it was mentioned that for very large jobs, a bigger unit would most likely be needed.

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