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This 20-Quart Capacity by Granite Ware is a three in one model.  It is not only a canner; it cooks and steams as well.  It holds 7 one-quart jars or 8 one-pints or 24 half-pint jars.  It is a professional quality appliance that attractively fits into most kitchens.  It is made of hard anodized aluminum.

This device comes with a canning jar rack and a steamer trivet.  It has stay-cool handles and a locking stainless steel lid too.  The rack fits down to keep the jars from getting onto the bottom and also has handy folding handles so it can be raised and lifted easily.

As for the steamer, it has an insert that fits a portion of the vessel so that the food is not in the cooking liquid.  This makes possible the large capacity handling and is perfect for such foods as ribs, tamales, pot roast, etc.  This model is in compliance with the USDA recommendation as it cooks at a very high temperature, which is the only safe method to preserve food.  There are three different pressure levels on this appliance.  There are 5psi, 10 psi and 15 psi.  The three choice levels make this machine ideal for canning.

The reviews on this model were favorable for the most part.  Many liked the features it has to offer such as the safety valve that provides additional safety measures because it whistles.  The unit was said to perform well and to be easy to operate. The instruction manual was mentioned and was praised for being very precise and helpful and easy to read.   There were a few first time pressure canner users who said they had a difficult time deciphering the manual though.  Some opted to get additional instructions in other books about canning.

It was also stated that the unit is easy to clean.  It was mentioned that it was easy to maintain as well.  On the down side, there was a complaint about the coating on the wire rack.  The reviewer stated that it melted and came out almost burnt upon the first use.  It was noted that the incident was not due to lack of water because the water was properly filled.  It was also stated that the jars don’t sit properly on the rack and that they move around some and that if the canner was just a little taller in build, it would be more accommodating.  And also mentioned was that the device would be better if it came with a gauge.

The fact that the lid cannot be taken off when the device is in use was a plus to reviewers.  The rocker weights were also reviewed highly, comparing them to devices that have a dial.  Overall, there were many positive reviews on the production of this canner and a few concerns as well such as the fact that the device cannot be used on a glass stove or a flat top stove.  Another mentioned that the regulator did not pop up when it should have.

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