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Would you love to have a kitchen appliance that can offer you a lot of extra functionality when it comes to your food prep chores? Do you want to get all of this versatility, but just haven’t yet because you don’t have a lot of money to spend? With 5 stainless steel blades that will help you chop, slice, or grate foods with ease, you’ll find that there’s a lot of flexibility in the design of the Norpro mandoline. Even the food safety holder doubles as a juicer! This all comes for a very affordable price too: just about $20 right now on websites like Amazon.

What Are the Features of the Norpro Mandoline?

The primary feature that we really loved about this small mandoline is the fact that it is really easy to adjust the appliance to meet your specific needs. The legs of the mandoline fold up so that you can store this appliance in a drawer, yet there are concave notches on the legs that will help you keep it firmly at your preferred level. Add in the multiple blade options and the value this device can provide becomes immediately apparent!

There are also these additional features to consider when using the Norpro mandoline:

  • the thickness of your slices can be adjusted from about 1/8 inch to about 3/8 thick depending on your specific needs;
  • the slicer itself is small and compact, just over 3.5 inches wide; and
  • the blades are incredibly sharp and provide a long-term slicing solution that is comparable to mandolines or even knives that are 4x the price of this appliance.

When was the last time you spent $20 on something that fizzled out and you just wrote it off because it really wasn’t that much of a loss? That happens all the time, but it won’t happen with this mandoline. It’s small, but it packs a large slicing punch!

Are There Any Advantages To Owning This Mandoline?

The real advantage that comes with the Norpro mandoline is that it is extremely easy to clean. Although you’ve got to handwash the device with a little dishsoap and warm water, the food products will come right out. Then just allow the kitchen appliance to air dry and you’re ready to use it again right away! If you need to change what you’re slicing, then just run it under water and you’ll avoid cross-contamination.

The one thing we noticed with this particular mandoline is that it is incredibly important to clean it after every use. Even the smallest particle of food can affect the integrity of the blades. In particular, get cheese cleaned out after using the grater blades.

With that in mind, there’s a tremendous amount of value in this mandoline, especially at this price point. It receives one of our highest recommendations because the value ratio here really is off the charts! It is an excellent product that will provide you with consistent results.

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