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Are you looking for a quality kitchen appliance that can help you easily slice through fruits and vegetables in just seconds? Do you want a mandoline that can provide you with a variety of slicing outcomes so you can add a gourmet level of prep work to your cooking? With this v-blade mandoline from OXO, you’ll get everything you need to solve these issues for just $40 on a website like Amazon. It sets up easily and you’ll be done slicing in just minutes. Then all you’ve got to do is rinse off the device and you’re done. It’s really that easy!

What Are the Features of the V-Blade Mandoline?

The primary feature we really enjoyed while using this mandoline was the fact that the height adjuster was so simple to use. With just a quick turn of the dial, you can go from razor-thin 1mm slices to 6mm slices with two stops in-between. This gives your foods a consistent slice that helps provide uniformity to the cooking process without risking your fingers in the process.

There’s a few additional features that we think you’ll enjoy with this mandoline as well:

  • this particular kitchen appliance comes with 4 blades that offer you crinkle cuts, julienne strips, and a standard French fries cut in addition to the typical straight slices;
  • the blades all store on the board and can be easily removed so that you can clean up quickly when your prep work is done; and
  • the ribbed design of the mandoline itself promotes rapid movement of the food so it doesn’t stick to the appliance and put your hand at risk for a cut.

Instead of having to hold the mandoline in place, it sits firmly on the counter thanks to the non-slip feet. The back legs of the appliance also fold up so that you can store the OXO mandoline in a drawer if you wish.

Is There an Advantage Received With This Mandoline?

The primary advantage that you get with this particular mandoline is that it is dishwasher safe. Instead of having to handwash everything, you can just take it apart and wash everything except the blades on the top shelf. You’ll still want to handwash the blades, however, because they tend to lose their sharpness quickly in the dishwasher and may actually corrode under certain circumstances.

It is true that this mandoline could benefit from an improvement. The mechanism that locks the blades into place is made from plastic and it tends to bust when pressure is applied to it from some of the more difficult items out there to slice, like a squash or even perhaps a solid Russet potato. If you feel like you have to force something through this mandoline, don’t do it because you might just break it.

For most items, this mandoline is going to provide someone with an excellent experience in their kitchen. It’s highly affordable, offers you a lot of options, and will add consistency to any dish because of the prep work you can do with it. For that reason, we have no hesitation in recommending this product to you.

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