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The Primo Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker Model 110 is a nice option for those who want to make a small quantity of soda in their own home for little money.  As with most modern soda makers, this device does not require the use of electricity and neither does it require the use of batteries.  It simply runs of carbon dioxide in the form of CO2 cans.  The size this unit takes is the small, 20 ounce ones.

The soda maker is compatible with .5 and 1 liter bottles.  It weighs 7.4 pounds so it is fairly light and portable.  It is black and silver in color.

The can of carbon dioxide goes into the back of the device by unscrewing a part and clipping it in.  There was a model 100 and for those who are wondering, this model is a bit taller than the preceding one was.

Because this soda maker eliminates the use of cans and bottles from individual soda drink purchases, it is considered to be “green”.  While some reviewers disagreed with the concept because of the use of carbon dioxide, many were pleased to purchase a product that is helping the earth in some form or fashion.

In the reviews, some issues with the release valve sticking were mentioned.  Some went so far as to say that this particular device was one that another brand did away with and therefore it became a product of its own.  It was stated that parts could often be purchased through eBay or second hand.   But despite the concerns of replacement parts by some, others were quite pleased with the soda maker.

A few mentioned that the carbonation strength was not strong enough.  Others raved about the making of seltzer water and the overall good quality of beverages, in general.

There were concerns for replacing parts that were mentioned. The cartridge adapter was one such part. Some stated that parts were no longer available as the model had been discontinued.  There were some reviews saying that the CO2 cartridges could not be replaced which was a fairly large concern.

Still others enjoyed the fact that some of their accessories from the 100 model could be used on the 110 including gas bottles and adapters.  It was also stated by some that while the model 100 had gotten some bad reviews and ratings, the 110 model tended to get a better overall reception.  One other thing that was brought up was to be sure to remember the pressure release button before opening up a bottle from the carbonation base.  The writer of the review did go on to say that there is a big red button that serves as a reminder but that when in a hurry, one could easily forget and the soda will basically explode from the carbonation.

The price of this soda maker is about average, upper mid-range.  The canister is small so although it does require more frequent changing, the price is less of the cans are cheaper too.

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