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The Sodastream Dynamo LX Home Soda Maker Deluxe is a fun and fast way to make carbonated soft drinks in your own home.  This unit is larger than most.  It does not require any electricity or batteries to operate, just a can of carbon dioxide.  The size can this device takes is the larger size, 130 liters, so it makes a good batch of sodas, about 350 cans-worth.

The kit comes with two 1 liter bottles and 12 flavor samples.  The Sodastream flavorings can then be purchased separately and are available in better-than-most, diet and regular varieties.  None of the brand’s flavorings contain high-fructose, corn syrup or aspartame.

The device is easy to assemble and simple to use.  It features a contemporary black design and is easy to clean.  It also has a control to regulate the amount of carbonation used.

The reviews of this device were favorable and positive in general.  Many liked the fact that the CO2 cans were larger and therefore meant changing them out less.  They also liked the fact that the soda maker had a device allowing the control of the amount of carbonation.

Some stated in their reviews that the 12-packet sample of flavorings made the soda maker worth purchasing.  Most said that they did not believe the device would really save them money due to the refilling or replacing of the CO2 cans but were happy enough with the product to overlook that matter and many mentioned they liked not dealing with cans and bottle waste and liked the concept that it was better for the earth than individually sold beverages.

In the reviews, many were speaking of concoctions they created themselves or ideas for some they would like to create.  This product seems to be more for fun and creativity than for actually saving money on cold drinks.  While many recipes can be found online, the real treat appears to come from customizing them.  There were mentions of making mineral seltzer water and those mentions were very positive.

On Amazon, many gave this product at least four stars.  Of those that gave low scores, many did not end up liking the product due to the CO2 price and then there were others who were not onboard for the concept of saving the earth due to the fact that it uses carbon dioxide.  One review, in particular, that rendered a poor score broke down the price and the amount of CO2 used among various other details.  For the typical, everyday consumer, however, the statistics were not an issue and were said to be as stated in the product description.

This Sodastream model is priced medium-low.  It comes with additional things like the flavor samples and an extra bottle so most found the price to be fair.  There were mentions of the apparatus being a bit flimsy to put together and that it was advised to do so gently, but there were little if any complaints about it not holding up for the intended usage.

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