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Are you wanting to expand the food dehydration capabilities that your kitchen can produce? Do you end up with a large amount of foods in season that need to be processed? The STX International Dehydrais a kitchen appliance that will work hard to meet your needs. With up to 10 trays that can be used at once and a 3 drawer blank that can be used for bread and yogurt, you’ll get a lot of added versatility with this food dehydrator too. Best of all, you can save over $130 right now just by shopping on Amazon!

What Are the Features of the Dehydra?

This food dehydrator’s main feature is the 800 watts of power that can be used to create a variable temperature level. Adjust drying temperatures from 85F to 155F and have the ability to dry your foods thanks to the horizontal air flow. The trays themselves are dishwasher safe and in total provides 14 square feet of drying space. This is backed up by a 100% fix it or replace it guarantee that is good for 12 months and includes labor and parts.

There are also these additional features to consider with this particular kitchen appliance:

  • this food dehydrator offers 1.75 inches of space between the trays so that thicker slices of food products can be dried;
  • the polyscreen tray liners make cleaning up after a dehydration a simple and easy process; and
  • you don’t have to open the machine up in order to check on the food being dried, helping to improve the final result.

The tray liners do make cleaning up a lot easier, but the holes with the tray liners are a little large for some food items. You’ll need to line them with parchment paper because otherwise the smaller seeds can fall through the trays.

Is There an Advantage To Using This Product?

There’s some versatility with the silicone mats that are included with this product. They are rated at 500F for baking, which means they can double as a baking mat if you want for cookies or even meat. Then baked items just slide off of the mats when they’re done baking, leaving you with a quality end product that will turn your cooking into a memorable experience… for all of the right reasons!

If there was one improvement that could be made with this food dehydrator, it would be with its efficiency. It takes just a bit longer than comparable models to fully dry out food products and that can create some issues with some certain foods. This can be countered by rotating the trays every so often, but does extend the dehydration time.
If you’re looking for an expansive food dehydrator, this kitchen appliance can definitely help you get the job done right. You can raise bread dough, create good jerky, and have a number of dried fruits and veggies as snacks in no time at all! We fully recommend this product because it really can meet the needs of a large family or niche commercial operation.

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