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This West Bend brand electric can opener is in the mid-price range.  It is 70 watts and is an attractive small appliance of plastic, chrome and aluminum and is of a sleek and slim design.  The device is extra tall to accommodate larger and taller cans. It measures 5-1/6 by 5 by 9-8/9 inches and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.   It is a well-made, heavy-duty designed can opener and has several added features such as doubling for a knife sharpener and a bottle opener too.

This modern can opener is has a safety measure built-in so that it shuts down after it completes the opening of a can.  Another great feature of this device is that it has a cutting apparatus is removable and dishwasher safe as well.  There is a storage spot built in the back of the can opener.

The many features of this model make it a favorite for many.  The sleek and the contemporary attractiveness have gotten much praise along with the fact that it is easy to operate.  There is no need to press down on the handle and that was noted as a big plus.  It seems to be regarded as well made and dependable.  There were some who mentioned having their device for a number of years and some still had not experienced any trouble whatsoever.

Though there were some mentions of small problems like the paper of the can peeling off or bunching up as the can was cut, there were no huge problems.  Some mentioned peeling the top of the label off themselves to avoid the bunching.  There was a review that noted that after five years, the magnetic device that holds the can top on broke.

It was stated that the machine has more plastic parts that it did in earlier models.  But, it was also noted that the device functioned well even though the parts were plastic.

The retractable cord and spot for it to fit in is noted as being “thoughtful”.  Also, there is a plastic cover that can be placed over it so that it doesn’t come out or get dusty when stored.  It was also praised that the front of the device also has a magnet that grips the can opener itself when it is folded down and not in use so it doesn’t stick out as most others do, making it more compact and easy to work around.

There was praise for the fact that the device requires practically no assembly nor does it really call for directions but instructions are included.  The way in which this machine holds even large cans was noted as a plus and that the magnet holds heavy cans well.  The height attracted many buyers, as shorter can openers cannot open tall cans or if they can be manipulated to do so, are unsafe and inconvenient in the process.

The reviews for this can opener were generally very positive.  The many features, nice looks, and affordable price tag were most appealing.

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