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This FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System uses a patented system to freshly seal food with a moist/dry sealing system that allows you to choose the setting for optimal sealing.  It features a CrushFree Instant Seal and has a convenient roll holder and bag cutter as well.  The starter kit includes one 11″x10′ roll, three quart size heat-seal bags and two gallon heat-seal bags.

This Food Saver device keeps food fresh for up to five times longer than regular storage methods and also prevents freezer burn.  The system does this by removing moisture and air from bags that are specially designed and have multi layers that lock in freshness.  It works well to freeze cuts of meats or even leftovers.  A manual and instruction book accompany the purchase.

The reviews on this product were pretty positive.  Some stated that they wish they had bought it sooner than they did they were so pleased with it.  Many said they use it frequently and feel they have saved money in doing so.  A good number of those who reviewed have developed a system to save leftovers and to enjoy them at a later date. Such as one who said they use it to freeze meat that has been cooked on the grill, which they are now able to enjoy in the middle of the winter months.

It was recommended by at least one reviewer to not bother with the premade bags and to make your own from the roll that is available.  Some stated that the food vacuum sealer works flawlessly.  The moist/dry setting was a plus for several reviews.  It was also praised that the unit has a convenient built-in cutter and stores a bag roll.   The fact that the cord has a spot to be stored underneath the unit was a big bonus too.

It was stated that this model is superior to the older model.  The old model was said to require the pushing of a button that had to be continuously depressed when sealing.  This model does not require that.

One review stated that the food sealer did not withstand the test of time and that she had moved and when she unpacked the unit, it was no longer working.  The issue was diagnosed to be an issue with the automatic clamping not putting enough pressure on.  The reviewer solved the problem by manually applying pressure but was not happy about having to do so.

The multiple intuitive settings were mentioned as a plus and the fact that it services a wide range of sizes as well as wet and dry items.  It was said that it does not make a loud noise but rather, a slight hum when it is sealing.

Some have come up with creative ways to cut their own bags and mentioned watching instructional videos in order to gain helpful hints in using the unit and cutting the bags as well.

Overall, the reviews were good though and the machine was said to be reliable and that it was built well and performed better than most expected it to.

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