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Do you get sick and tired of bread loaves that come out like a brick instead of a chewy, wonderful loaf? Does your current bread maker struggle to properly mix the dough on its own? Then you’ll love the design improvements that this Zojirushi bread maker will bring into your home! It offers two mixing blades instead of just one and the lid of the kitchen appliance is specifically design to reflect heat back into the loaf. This all comes together to create loaves of bread in about 2 hours for some recipes! All together, you can even save over $70 just by purchasing this item on Amazon.

What Are the Features of the Zojirushi Breadmaker?

The nicest features about this bread maker come from the home bakery aspects that are incorporated into the design. It bakes bread with ease, but you can make a number of other items in this kitchen appliance. You can make a number of different types of dough, from pizza to pretzels to cinnamon rolls. You can make cakes inside the baking pan and it’s able to even stir jams so you can enjoy preservatives all the time without preservatives.

There are these additional features to consider as well:

  • the design of the baking pan allows for a large traditional shaped loaf instead of the sometimes awkward vertical loaves of other bread makers;
  • there is an additional heater on the lid of this bread maker for more consistent loaves of bread; and
  • there are over 10 pre-programmed settings that can be used with this appliance, as well as the ability to choose up to 3 different crust shades.

Although the double paddles to create an extra whole in your loaf of bread and an extra place for your baked loaf to stick, the end results are worth the hassle this provides. You get a consistent baking experience every time.

Is There an Advantage With This Particular Kitchen Appliance?

Because this acts as a home bakery, there are a number of additional food products you can produce with this machine. The best, however, has to be the fact that you can make good quality gluten-free products within the baking pan or you can choose to create dough starters that you can later bake. Either way, you’ll have an easier baking process that will help you create stunning baked goods every day if you wish!

It’s difficult to find something bad to say about this bread maker. Some folks have had unpleasant experiences with them, but overall we saw a good result time and time again with this breadmaker. Take care of the pan as it does have a Teflon coating, so watch how hot the breadmaker gets. Otherwise we believe you’ll have an excellent baking experience and that’s why this kitchen appliance gets our recommendation.

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