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Do you want to remove a lot of the additives from your diet and create home-baked delicacies instead? Would you love to own one of the easiest methods of created fresh, baked bread from home? With the Zojirushi supreme breadmaker, you’ll be getting a kitchen appliance that will help you bake cakes, breads, or make dough with ease. Similar to the home bakery stations that this manufacturer produces, you can have the machine do all of the work for you and even bake a meatloaf if you really want it to do so!

Zojirushi is one of the premium brands on the market today, so it does carry with it a substantial price tag. If you shop on Amazon for this product, however, you can save over $40 off the MSRP right now.

What Are the Features of the Zojirushi Supreme Breadmaker?

The primary feature that we really loved with this breadmaker is the design that incorporates a horizontal baking process. Instead of a puffy vertical loaf, you’ll receive a more traditional style of loaf like you’d get from the grocery store. Double mixing paddles help to compliment this process and Zojirushi has also including a heating element on the lid so that your bread will get a consistent bake instead of a bottom emphasis that relies on surrounding heat through the inner pan.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this breadmaker as well:

  • an LCD control panel helps to get your timing down for each loaf while also providing a delay timer that can be extended out to 13 hours;
  • a measuring cup and spoon compliment a recipe book that can provide you with some excellent ideas for loaves; and
  • with the fully automatic settings engaged, you can literally toss in your ingredients and let the kitchen appliance do all of the work for you.

The one thing we did notice with this particular breadmaker was that using bread flour provided a much more consistent result. All-purpose flour can work, but it tended to create a denser, almost sunken loaf instead of the consistently chewy, stretchy loaves that the bread flour would produce.

Does This Kitchen Appliance Have Any Advantages?

There are a lot of breadmakers on the market today that can’t thoroughly mix a bread dough for tougher loaves like rye or whole wheat because it leaves clumps of flour that affect the integrity of the bread. With this Zojirushi appliance, that worry becomes a thing of the past thanks to the extended kneading times it offers as an option. Forget about all those kneading, setting, and kneading replays you’ve typically got to do when you own this breadmaker!

If you remember to use active yeast that isn’t too old, then you should get good results with this bread machine. It offers a lot of custom baking options that will help you create the perfect loaves of bread time and time again!

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