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If you are looking for a simple yet effective can opener, this manual type can opener is one of the easier to operate. This device by OXO comes with oversized, cushioned handles that allow for a tighter grip and absorbs pressure too.  The handles are non-slip as well, which is a great safety feature.   This mechanism has an oversized knob that makes for easy turning, has a sharp cutting wheel made of stainless steel teeth to prevent rusting.  This can opener doubles as a bottle opener too.  It is a contemporary design of silver and black.  It is recommended that it be washed by hand and is not dishwasher safe.

There were a host of good reviews available for this device.  For the inexpensive price, many felt it was well made and offered a sturdy option to some cheaper models that were flimsy and fell apart.  The fact that it is small and can just be placed into a drawer made it appealing to many who do not want a can opener that takes up space.

There was mention of the fact that the blade did not rust, but spaces around the blade did.  There was also the mention of durability by one consumer who had used his device for five years and the blade had remained sharp until recently.  Another said he had owned the model for three years and it was still working perfectly.  The handles were praised and were overall, given good marks for being easy to operate, even for those with issues with low hand strength.

A few mentioned rusting on the blade.  Rust on a blade can be a huge safety concern as it can contaminate the food inside of the can.  Still, it was not stated if the can openers had ever been through the dishwasher or if perhaps it was the areas around the blade that were rusting as mentioned in at least one other review and perhaps the rust was spreading.  The wheel is made of stainless steel and should not rust but if it did, in fact, that is of concern.

There were a number of reviews that mentioned that this model was the same or much like one they had used in the past and had been looking for.  They stated that they were glad to find it.  Some had been searching for one for a while and were pleased to find that it not only looked the same but operated in the same ease and efficiency as the one they were replacing.

Another plus that was mentioned was the fact that this device does not shred paper, which will end up falling into the can of food.  It was also noted that it cuts a sharp path, which is imperative for a can opener to do, or the purpose is defeated.

The reviews were overall positive.  This device is very inexpensive ant that was praised in the reviews and it taken into consideration when weighing the negative things mentioned.

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