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This Bartelli brand electric can opener has a unique appearance that many find very attractive.  It is sleek in design and opens cans with a touch of a button and very convenient not only to use but to store as well.  It cuts the sides of the can so it renders a smooth, safe edge which is fantastic for families with children who might get cut on jagged edges and also allows for a reusable lid.

This device is red and white in color and operates easily so it is excellent for those which weak grips or handicapped individuals.  The can is simply mounted to the can opener and when the button is pressed, the unit swivels around to cut open the can.  The button is then pressed again so that a release is made.  4 AA batteries are required for use but are not included.  This can opener is great for those who wish to have an electric can opener that is about the size of a manual one and doesn’t cost much either.

Many were quite happy with this device.  The majority noted the ease of operation, although some did say that it was difficult to push down.  While at least one customer received a faulty first one, the matter was taken care of and the second worked without any problems at all.

While many did find it easy to use, some stated they had trouble figuring out the right way to do it.  It was also mentioned that it didn’t work correctly every time, some stating about 50-50 for the count.  Some also stated that proper operation of the can opener hinges on the guide and the blade lining up with the edge of the can in between them.  Some simply wanted to stick a can in and for it to be opened and others found the set up to be worth the price and the advantage of having a small apparatus.  Some also said that it could be an error on their part as to not operating it properly.

Some reported that they ran across this can opener when looking for the “perfect” model.  There were several who had been through various other models that were all sorts such as electric, portables, lift ones and touch types as well.  Most were pleased with this model and thought it to be close to that perfect one they were in search of but it was said that it tends to attack the outer edge of the can instead of going for the inner side of the can but on the good side it was noted that at least the edges were not sharp and jagged and that seemed to make most any other issue bearable.

The general reviews of this device were positive though there were some negative ones in the mix.  If you don’t mind the possibility that this device may not do the job the first try every time but are willing to sacrifice steady performance for the convenience of this small model and the safety of the smooth edges, you might give this can opener a try.

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