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This SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit is a quick and convenient way to make carbonated soft drinks in your own home.  It’s great for parties and to keep the children entertained on family nights as well.  This device requires no electricity and does not use batteries.  It operates on carbon dioxide in the form of a can.  This particular unit takes a mid-sized 60-liter can and comes with a rebate that is good at over at over 15,000 locations.  It comes with a small complimentary canister of CO2 to get you started.

The starter kit includes a sample of 6 flavorings.  Additional flavorings can be purchased including a better-for-you more nutritional alternative, diet and regular.  There are, to date, over 60 flavorings available.  None of the SodaStream brand flavorings contains high fructose, corn syrup or aspartame.

This device is 17 inches x 10 inches x 5.5 inches and weighs eight pounds.  It comes in an attractive silver and black design.  It puts out about 33 cans of soda per 60-liter can of CO2, which is roughly 12 liters.

There is a handy carbonation controller on this soda maker that is a helpful feature for those who like more or less than the average amount of carbonation.  Another plus is that it has a fizz-preserving bottle.

For the price, this soda maker is a steal.  It sells for what many of the much smaller units go for and has a larger CO2 than most in its price range.  It doesn’t come without a few complaints but most reconcile that given the price tag, it is well worth the money.

One typical complaint was that the soda maker or any soda maker for that matter does not actually save money because of the price of the CO2 refill or replacement.  Many, however, conceded that the nostalgic touch of the device was more what they were going for anyway.  Others resolved to the fact that the ability to make their own custom drink or seltzer was worth figuring in the cost of the CO2.

Something that seemed to be shared by many of those who reviewed was the fact that the device saves the use of cans and bottles, which must be thrown away or recycled.  They felt good about saving time and money eliminating them and saving the earth as well.

A number of those who wrote reviews spoke of how far the 60-liter CO2 cans went.  They seemed to be pleasantly surprised.  Some did inquire as to a way to tell how low the cans were getting, but it was stated that there was no real way to know and that it was a good idea to keep a spare handy.

Again, for the low price of this soda maker, many were able to overlook things such as the fact that it is not stainless steel and the device is not extremely durable as some reported that assembly is quick and easy but should be done with care so as not to push too hard on the device.  All in all, this soda maker is a great quality item with a low price tag.

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