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This turkey fryer by Char-Broil features a patented technology through infrared cooking that runs on propane gas.  This Big Easy model uses infrared rather than heat so turkeys come out crispy and juicy without uneven cold and hot spots and also cooks without oil so the possibility of splattering is eliminated plus it is much cheaper.

A cooking basket and lifter, a meat thermometer and cooking guide are all included.  This device weighs 30 pounds and measures 24.5″H with a 21.1″ diameter.    The handles are cool-touch and the cooking chamber is made of stainless steel so it will not rust and is easy to clean.

The concept of infrared cooking is that no heat is used so meat won’t dry out but renders tender and juicy.  It is more economical and is safer too since there is no grease used in the cooking process, the possibility of it splattering out is eliminated.  It is much healthier too.  The infrared cooking method is patented by Char-Broil and is a favorite of many.

The reviews for this device were pretty positive. On the good side, it was mentioned that this device, being infrared, cooks quicker than many traditional fryers do.  A good number of those who reviewed said that they used this fryer for meats other than just turkey such as chicken and ham.

It was also stated that the unit is easy to clean and simple to put together. The fact that no grease is used was a huge plus in the cleaning aspect as well as economically and in the health department too.  It was noted that the fryer looks attractive and holds up well.  Most who commented said they felt that this infrared fryer actually cooked better that other models and were quite pleased with the results.  Some noted that it exceeded their expectations of what an infrared unit was capable of producing.

One issue, on the downside, that was mentioned was the fact that if you do not assemble the device correctly like not putting the propane valve in correctly, gas can flow out.  It was also stated that the problem would be caused by human error though.  It was mentioned that the directions should be followed carefully in order to avoid such an incident.  .  It was also stated that the basket that comes with the unit does not provide an “easy out” but one can be purchased which the reviewer did not think was a positive reflection.  Some mentioned the basket was easy to clean, however.

Several who reviewed stated that they missed the crispy skin of a fried bird so they had rubbed oil on the outside of the turkey and this product did cook it to a crunchy state which was noted as a positive.   It was suggested that by one review that consumers purchase their own thermometer and timer because they had experienced and issue and simply purchased an additional one of each.

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