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This electric can opener is made by Hamilton Beach.  It is easy to operate and works on cans of all sizes including the type with pop-tops, which is a huge plus.  The device cuts edges smoothly.  The cutting edge goes into the side in order to produce a safe, smooth opening which is great for families with young children.  The can opener also removes the top of the can once it has been opened.  There is an opening in the back, which the cord can be placed into.

This model is sleek looking.  It comes in black and chrome and has a large ergonomic lever that allows for smooth operation without much effort at all.  The device is 5”x4”x9” and is nicely designed in black and chrome.  In addition, it comes with a full 1-year warranty.

The majority of the reviews for this small appliance are positive.  The attractive design was noted as a plus and the ease of operation was praised as well.  Many of the reviewers loved the smooth cut option as opposed to the rough cutting ones.  Another plus was that the top of the can comes right off.  There were a number of comments claiming this can opener to be the best on the market.  Yet another thing mentioned was that no part of the can opener ever touches the food, unlike some other models and that was a big plus to many.  If any part of a can opener touches the food it can contaminate it.  The fact that it opens even pull cans got positive marks too.

Some mentioned that they do not like to use pull tops because they can have extremely sharp edges when they open.  Some also have difficulty pulling them so the unit was a great help to them.  One did mention he got one for a handicapped person and the top of the can was hard for him to remove, but that may be the strength of the magnet that holds the top of the lid once cut open.  That can be a negative for one with a handicap but a positive for one who wants to make sure the lid stays put until it can be taken off.

There was mention of the machine not shutting off properly once it has actually opened the can.  There was also mention of thin strands of metal peeling off of the can and also tiny pieces of metal but it was also explained that when an edge reaches the end of its lifespan, it may do such.  The unit does come with a warranty so if this happens within the first year, it is insured.

Another negative that was mentioned was the fact that it is difficult to tell when the lid has been completely cut all the way around.  This, however, is typical of side-opened cans.

Most of the reviews were positive especially for durability, safety, quality, looks and ease of use.

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