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This FoodSaver brand food vacuum sealer is a compact size.  It is manually operated and has a CrushFree instant seal that helps to protect more delicate food during the sealing process. It is patented and removable as well.  It’s dishwasher-safe for easy clean up and has a drip tray too.  The accessory port and hose vacuum seals canisters tightly and securely and marinates food in minutes.

This FoodSaver product carries a 1-year warranty.  The design is sleek and attractive and compact as well.  It is very easy to use for the storage of fresh or frozen foods.  It is a reliable and handy way to preserve foods.  The bags can be safely stored in the freezer for a good amount of time without worry of them becoming freezer-burnt.

This unit is great for freezing leftovers.  It comes with 5 pre-cut heat-seal bags and 1 heat-seals roll.  To use, simply place the prepared and filled bag into the vacuum-sealing channel, and close the latch to the easy-lock. Then select either Seal or Vacuum Seal from the push-button control panel and the device will do the rest for you.  It will vacuum and then it will seal and then it will safely shut off automatically.  The product is an airtightheat-sealed item that will remain freshly frozen.

What’s more, the food vacuum sealer comes equipped with an accessory hose port.  What this does it to take out all of the air from the FoodSaver containers and seals them airtight for freshness.  The attachable accessory hose comes with the purchase although the FoodSaver containers do not.

The reviews were favorable, for the most part.  Some wrote and told of the money they had saved by preserving their food.  One said that in just two months of use, the item has paid for itself.

The price was said to be fair and not too high at all for the product.  The extra bags were somewhat of an issue with one review saying they were not really necessary, as most things that would be bagged will fit in the standard sized ones.  Many liked the way in which the bags can be organized in the freezer and how easy they are to prepare.  It was mentioned that the bags are expensive but can be reused.

There was at least one mention of the unit not working.  No details were given except for that the device was returned within 30 days.

The durability and performance of the sealer was said to be better than expected by most who wrote in.  Some were leery of even purchasing the device but are now glad that they did.  One even said that if the food saver does not last long (or the vacuum pump, that is, that the purchase would still be well worth it.

It was advised that the instructions be read and to pre-freeze for an hour before sealing as that prevents the vacuum from sucking out juices and is important when packing liquids and sauces too.  It also makes less or no mess cleaning the tray.

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