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This LEM Products 5 pound stainless steel vertical sausage stuffer is a manual version.  It has two clamps that conveniently and safely secure the device while it is in use.  All the gears of this machine are metal.  The cylinder is removable so it can be filled and cleaned as well.  There is a plastic piston that features a handy air-release valve.

There are three stuffing tubes that measure 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″.  Each one has a 1 9/16″ base.  This device has an air valve release that pushes air of from the top rather than into the casing.  Grinds out perfect sausage every time!  The tube variations are great for different types of sausage and other products as well.

This device got very good reviews, for the most part.  It was praised for being a great machine at an affordable price, which was appealing, to many.  Even though it is a manual powered model, it was noted that it is easy to use and grinded a quality product.  It was noted that it does have a pressure relief valve although the product description did not mention it.  It was said to stuff 5 pounds of bratwurst into a 35mm casing in about 2 minutes.

It was also stated that this unit is not only convenient for large batches but for smaller ones as well which is often not true of over-sized models.  It was recommended that a food grade lubricant be purchased and used to wash the silicone gasket that presses through the tube, as it gets a little dry.  It was reviewed as a negative that the stuffer does not come with a 3/8″ tube attachment, by those that like making skinny sausages.

There were many who said they are happy with their decision to go with a smaller version and a manual one versus an electric.  This device is not the cheapest of the manual versions, but it was declared that it is well worth the money paid for it.

The nozzles that come with the sausage stuff was said to be of good quality and to be fixed in place well.  The clamp fastens to a counter and was said to be sturdy by some and not so sturdy by a few.  The reviews varied in that some used the machine all the time and in good size bulk, while others only used it once or twice a year such as hunters.

It was mentioned that the piston and O-ring assembly fit very well and hold tight in the cylinder there is no need to squish the meat back up over the piston.  The metal gears were seen as a definite plus and the entire mechanics of the machine were said to be above average.  The construction was deemed to be solid and durability great as well.  The value was praised over and over.  There was mention, on the downside, of the unit tending to want to tip over when cranking the plunger, but the reviewer said that bolting the device down would easily solve the problem.

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