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This Weston #32 Stainless Steel Pro – Series Electric Meat Grinder and Stuffer is a powerful 1 1/2 HP, 120V air-cooled motor controlled device.  It has a circuit breaker for safety precautions and grinds 720-1080 pounds and hour for a professional capability.  This Weston device is an extra-large professional-type model, measuring 15 1/ inches x 10 inches.  It has an oval stainless steel hopper for performance and convenience.

The all-metal gears and stainless steel blades make for maximum performance when it comes to grinding.  It is able to accommodate the largest of processing jobs.  It grinds an amazing 12 – 18 pounds per minute! It is all-metal construction and operates at a powerful force that grinds perfectly every time.  It disassembles easily and conveniently and has non-slip rubber feet for stability and safety.  It has 3 stainless steel grinding plates that allow for fine, medium and coarse grinding.  It includes two grinding plates, 3 stuffing funnels and flange and cyclone high-speed stuffing.

Dr. Becker, the well-known veterinarian who leans toward the holistic side who teaches about making homemade dog food from fresh meat, recommends this machine.  Through this dog-doctor’s website and teachings are how one reviewer came to find the product.  He said it breezes through the meat he grinds for his animals but did say that bones should not be allowed to go through it as it will damage the grinder.

Some said that while they very well may have been able to get along with a smaller unit, they were pleased they had gone the route of a larger one.  The larger unit is known to not heat up when processing a large load, which was a definite positive for reviewers.

The cleanup was said to be easy with this unit.  It was mentioned that one of the prongs from the electric plug device of the sausage stuffer got stuck in the reviewer’s electrical outlet and that it was quite an ordeal to get it out and put a different plug on it.  But, it was also stated that the company politely helped him through the process and he was able to get the machine back up and running again.

This device is in the upper price range.  But, those who reviewed generally felt that it was worth the extra money to do the job at hand.  The reliability was highly accredited, as was the strength at which this unit operates.  Some were using it for large amounts of meat and were doing so often.  Some used it occasionally and still felt it was worth the extra cost.

The features that come with this Weston were a big plus for consumers who did a review.  The sausage kit was a big positive.  The machine was praised for being efficient; operating each and every time at peak performance even by those who had purchased the models several years back and used it quite frequently.  The fact that this unit allows for three types of consistencies, fine, medium and coarse grinding was a big positive as well.

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