Review: Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

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Do you love the idea of owning an electric knife, but you haven’t purchased one yet because you don’t want to just stick it in a drawer? Do you want an electric knife that will give you more options than just one for food slicing? With the Cuisinart CEK-40, you’re going to get everything you want and then some! This electric knife stores in a wooden block, much like a traditional carving set would. Made from stainless steel of high quality and with multiple blades for bread or carving, you can save up to 56% on your purchase today just by shopping on Amazon.

What Are the Features of This Cuisinart Electric Knife?

The primary feature that you’ll notice right away with this electric knife is its design. The handle is very ergonomic and quite comfortable in the hand, allowing for a good grip that leads to better carving and slicing. It can be used either right or left-handed and activates with a touch pressure on/off trigger that makes controlling this knife really easy. It definitely gives a kitchen the aesthetic of fine cutlery!

There are these additional features to consider with this kitchen appliance as well:

  • it offers users a cord that is 4 feet in length so that there is enough room to operate around your cutting board;
  • a safety button is in place that allows you to lock the trigger so that the knife cannot be engaged if the switch is on; and
  • the blades on this electric knife just slip in and lock into place, while side buttons make releasing these blades a simple, easy process to accomplish.

Even though the 4 foot cord sounds a bit bulky for storage, it isn’t thanks to the included butcher block. You just wrap up the cord on the block like you would a vacuum cleaner on the side or back and it stays out of sight. Then you just unwrap the cord when you’re ready to get slicing!

Are There Any Advantages That Come With This Electric Knife?

We really love how easy this electric knife is to clean. Pop the blades out and then separate them. From there, just give them a quick rinse in hot water and then place them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. The handle cleans up with a damp cloth and the entire process takes about 3 minutes to complete, including the winding of the cord. Backed by a 3 year warranty, this electric knife will help you slice like a pro!

If there was one place we’d make an improvement in the design of this knife, it would be in the motor. It tends to overheat a bit when using it and if you get the blades stuck in a poultry joint while the knife is warm, it could blow apart the main drive. This is not an issue, however, if your primary plans are to slice bread or perhaps high density foam with this kitchen appliance.

For the price, you’ll find a lot of value included with this electric knife. It has the ability to slice through the densest foods, yet leave a clean slice every single time. Easy to use and easy to clean, this kitchen appliance will make fast work of all your kitchen prep work.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife.

Review: Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Meat Slicer

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Are you tired of paying premium prices at the deli just so you can have some sliced meat at home? Would you love to be able to save money on every sandwich you make? That becomes a reality when you own a meat slicer and the Chef’s Choice 615 puts up a compelling argument about why you should own it. It’s a multipurpose slicing device that will let you cut items to that premium deli-thin level up to .75 inches without hesitation. With a 7 inch blade, most items can be cut in not time at all! You’ll even be able to save up to30% on the MSRP of this kitchen appliance if you shop through Amazon for it.

What Are Some of This Meat Slicer’s Features?

The one feature that really stood out to us on this meat slicer was the food carriage locking mechanism. There’s a special button that you press that will help you to secure the blade on this kitchen appliance when you’re not using it. That makes it possible for households with small children to still be able to enjoy this device without having to worry about it accidentally turning on when someone gets a little too curious.

There’s also these additional features to enjoy on this kitchen appliance:

  • this meat slicer is specifically designed to be easy to clean as all of the items, including the blade and food carriage, are easy to remove and then install once again;
  • it handles large capacities of food thanks to the extended nature of the carriage itself; and
  • the slicer is designed with an intermittent on/off switch to further enhance user safety.

If you eat a lot of sandwiches, then you’re definitely going to enjoy owning this kitchen appliance. It’s versatile enough, however, to allow you to slice other items with ease. Imagine being able to slice your own cheese, tomatoes, and vegetables for a salad or as an add-on for that burger you’ve got on the grill in just a few seconds. That’s the power of this appliance.

Do You Receive Any Advantages With This Specific Meat Slicer?

The primary advantage that comes with this meat slicer is the design of the cantilever. In combination with the food carriage, you can literally slice your meats or other food products directly onto your serving trays and platters to save time. The carriage also fully retracts so you can cut up a large roast or a full ham if need be as well. With this versatility at this price point, it really is a quality kitchen appliance that you’d receive upon purchasing.

Is there anything that we would change with this product? The one issue we saw with this unit is that the cutting blade isn’t really flush with the blade housing. If your food being sliced is longer than the blade diameter, then it’s going to hit the housing and cause you problems. We’d change that.

For most foods, however, this meat slicer is going to quickly and easily get the job done for you. For the average home kitchen, the price of this appliance can easily be made up in food savings thanks to home slicing and that’s why it receives our recommendation.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Chef’s Choice 615.

Review: Chef’s Choice 632 International Food Slicer

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Are you looking for a commercial quality food slicer for your kitchen that doesn’t come with a commercial price? Do you want a slicer that can work upright for cheese or proteins, but be tilted for bread or vegetables? The Chef’s Choice 632 food slicer has the ability to solve these problems and much more! Although it comes equipped with just a 7 inch blade, it does have a child-proof safety switch that will reduce the chances of an accident occurring. Best of all, this extremely versatile kitchen appliance is available on Amazon right now for a price that will save you over $150!

What Are the Features of This Food Slicer?

It’s the flexibility of the power switch that attracted us initially to this food slicer. It’s a pressure-related switch that will automatically turn off the blade once your thumb is released from the switch. If you want the blade to continually run, you can just set the switch to the on position and then turn it off when you’re done. The child-proof switch is hidden in such a way that it is difficult to access and when engage, the blade won’t turn on even if the pressure switch is engage.

There are also these additional features to consider when using this food slicer:

  • thanks to the combination of stainless steel and plastic components, this kitchen appliance weighs just 11 pounds;
  • the thickness control knob allows for easy adjustments in the slicing from razor thin to just above ½ inch in size; and
  • there is a plastic tray included with this food slicer to help catch the sliced items as they emerge from the appliance.

Although this food slicer is at the high end of the price points for appliances in this class, it will provide you with one of the best user experience in its class as well. There is definitely a lot of value that is received for the price of this food slicer!

Are There Any Advantages With This Food Slicer?

The primary advantage that comes with this food slicer is in its design which makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain the unit. It comes apart in just a few seconds and then wipes down with a wet cloth. That allows for the integrity of the food to remain and provide a healthy alternative to the more expensive sliced items that you’ll find at the average deli.

The one thing that we would change out in this food slicer if given the opportunity are the plastic components that are in strategic places. Many of the gears on this food slicer are plastic, as are some of the screws that keep the blade in place. This results in damage sometimes to the unit, even with high grade plastics being used.

Overall, however, we feel that this food slicer provides and excellent investment to those who are looking for a quality kitchen appliance. It works consistently, is easy to maintain, and will provide your food with consistent slices – even with regular use.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Chef’s Choice 632.

Review: Chef’s Choice 609 Food Slicer

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Are you looking for an easy way to make fast work out of all your food slicing chores? Do you have a limited budget that won’t allow for you to spend much to get a lot? That’s where the Chef’s Choice 609 will come to provide you a lot of value. With a 7 inch multipurpose blade that is powered by a high-torque motor, you can get razor thin slices or 1 inch thick slices with this quality food slicer. Made of stainless steel and cast aluminum, you’ll even be able to save up to 27% off the MSRP when you make a purchase on Amazon.

What Are the Features of This Food Slicer? 

The primary feature that we really enjoyed with this food slicer was how easy it was to clean it down. It takes literally seconds to pull it apart and wipe it down so you can transition between foods easily and without contamination. Supported by a series of safety measures that will help to keep everyone safe, you can even get surge protection help thanks to the included safety fuse. This all leads to efficient slicing and stunning dishes.

There are also a number of other features to consider with this kitchen appliance as well:

  • the guide rods are made of stainless steel instead of a high grade plastic so that your food can always come out consistently;
  • the food carriage is of a good size and made from an ABS plastic that is covered with a stainless steel top, supported with plastic glide rails that make for less friction; and
  • the design of this food slicer is created in such a way that it will reduce the amount of sound decibels that are produced by this motor.

There is the issue of plastic gears that are within this food slicer. The 609 model from Chef’s Choice as fewer overall metal components are included in this model when compared with the 610. Even so, the routing and construction of this kitchen appliance are excellent indeed.

Is There an Advantage To Using This Food Slicer? 

This food slicer comes equipped with a serrated blade that works with many foods, but if you invest into the non-serrated blade you’ll be able to maximize the use of this food slicer. The serrated blade tends to grab foods and bring them down, creating a ripped cut in many foods. The other blade provides a much cleaner, concise cut.

The one design flaw in this Chef’s Choice meat slicer is that the feed tray has a gap between it and the blade. If you’re cutting softer items, this tends to feed food products into the gap and have them rotate around the blade. This is another problem that tends to be solved with a transition to the non-serrated blade.

For the value that you’ll get from this food slicer, it is undoubtedly a good purchase. Although it has a few issues that an be resolved with another bit of an investment, you’ll immediately improve your slicing ability with careful slices.’

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Chef’s Choice 609.

Review: Black and Decker 3 Cup Rice Cooker

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Are you looking for a rice cooker that is the perfect size for your family? Do you still want the ability to multitask with your rice cooker like some of the larger makes and models of this kitchen appliance can do? With this Black and Decker 3 cup rice cooker, you’ll be able to cook enough rice to feed a family of 6 easily while still being able to add vegetables, steam foods, or create soups within the inner cooking pot. You’ll also get this for a budget-friendly price of about $10 right now on Amazon!

What Are the Features of This Rice Cooker? 

The primary feature that we really enjoyed while using this rice cooker were the stay cool handles that are incorporated with the appliance’s design. This unit is small enough to be portable and there are sometimes when you need to move the rice cooker because you have limited counter space in which to work. With the handles, you can just pick up the appliance and move it out of your way without interrupting the cooking cycle!

This kitchen appliance also has these features to think about:

  • this rice cooker is equipped with an automatic keep warm mode that is displayed through indicator lights on the front panel;
  • starting this rice cooker is as simple as pressing down on a lever to begin a cooking cycle; and
  • you cannot engage the cooking cycle on this rice cooker unless you have place food products within the inner cooking pot for added safety.

You receive a serving scoop and a measuring cup for added value with this rice cooker, but you don’t need the extra value with Black and Decker providing such an affordable appliance. You won’t be able to steam vegetables in this rice cooker, but you can create soups and the entire appliance is designed to be easy to clean.

Do You Get an Advantage With This Particular Rice Cooker? 

Outside of the value you receive for the price of this appliance, the advantage is in the lid’s design, strangely enough. For the smaller rice cookers, they tend to bubble over with the starches in the rice, even if you’ve soaked the grains for a bit before cooking them. This creates a hot mess on the top of the lid on other makes and models that make accessing the rice difficult without a pot holder. This design offers a stay cool top that’s wide enough to grip without risking a burn.

You do need to check the rice occasionally during the cooking cycle with this appliance because you can toast off the bottom grains quite easily. We’ve found that if you stir the rice a couple times after most of the water has been absorbed, you can counter this issue. It’s also a good time to add sauces, spices, or other flavorings to the rice!

For about $10, you’re not going to find a better rice cooker anywhere that hasn’t already been used or refurbished. You’re just not! For that reason, we recommend this kitchen appliance to anyone who is looking for an easier way to cook rice without risking their budget in doing so.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker.

Review: Breville Digital Handy Mix Hand Mixer

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Are you looking for a solid hand mixer that has the power to do virtually anything in your kitchen when you’ve got a baking craving to fulfill? Would you love to own a tool that can transform your cooking from ok to gourmet? What you’re going to want to consider owning is the Breville Handy Mix. This hand mixer is a solid contributor to your kitchen chores with a strong motor, useful features, and a lot of strength. When you shop on Amazon for your hand mixer, you can even save 33% off of the MSRP of this kitchen appliance.

What Are the Features of the Breville Handy Mix?

The primary feature with this hand mixer is the amount of mixing speeds that you get with this small appliance. Instead of 6, 9, or even 12 speed settings like other models in this price point offer, the Breville Handy Mix gives you 16 speed options that you can change with one-touch convenience. Go from light mixing for heavy batter or bread dough to high speed whipping in just an instant.

You may also want to consider these additional features as well of this Breville hand mixer:

  • it offers users a backlit LCD screen with a timer function so that you’ll have more control over the final product;
  • it is designed with a heel rest that is designed specifically so that the hand mixer won’t tip over when you set it down; and
  • it comes with two beaters, two dough hooks, and a wire whisk.

With 200 watts of power and a timer for recipes that require specific mixing times, you’ll have all of the tools you need in your kitchen for a fair, competitive price. Coming in three distinct colors, you’ll be able to select the right tool, the right color, and get it for the right price.

Are There Any Advantages To the Breville Handy Mix?

The one advantage that we noticed straight away with this hand mixer is that the strength of the beaters are improved over other makes and models at this price point. Some beaters look so thin and weak that you don’t really want to use them to make cookie dough or even a thick biscuit! With these Breville beaters, however, you’ll have a kitchen appliance that will give you a lot of confidence in the kitchen.

If there was one design improvement to make with this hand mixer, it would be to have a double whisk instead of a single option. This tends to be something more of a personal preference, but with the one whisk you risk splashing your cream or egg whites into the locking mechanism of the hand mixer and that is a pain to clean out if it happens!

Overall, however, this hand mixer delivers a lot of value for this price point. It’s strong, durable, and will give you the right tool that you may need to get your baking chores done in a snap! If you’re ready to get a hand mixer, we strongly recommend considering this hand mixer to meet your needs because it will do so efficiently and reliably.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Breville Handy Mix.

Review: Black and Decker Electric Knife

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Are you looking for an easy way to save on the time it takes for you to slice and carve? Do you want a budget friendly kitchen appliance that will cost you less than a good forged traditional knife to get this work done? For a little over $10 on Amazon right now, you can get one of the best electric knives that is on the market today. This little gem from Black and Decker has all of the features of a premium kitchen appliance and offers 7 inches of slicing in a virtually effortless manner.

What Are the Features of This Electric Knife?

There are a lot of cheap electric knives on the market today and most of them belong in the junkyard. They are dangerous to use because they don’t properly lock the blades of the knife into place and who knows what will happen if you turn on an appliance like that! With this Black and Decker offering, you get a solid lock that will keep these blades in place and nonslip tabs that are out of the way so you won’t accidentally dislodge them while you’re carving. That’s definitely the nicest feature of this kitchen appliance!

There’s also these additional features to consider:

  • it is not a cordless electric knife, but will give you enough cord length to be able to easily slice or carve without accidentally nicking the cord in the process;
  • it is strong enough to cut through high density foam, chicken bones, and other difficult items for traditional knives; and
  • this knife has a compression safety switch that makes it nearly impossible for most young children to be able to control the knife.

For those who are looking for an electric knife that will help with arthritic situations, this may or may not help depending on your condition. If you have problem squeezing your hand into a fist, you may need to use two hands to control this kitchen appliance.

What Is the Advantage of This Electric Knife?

Outside of the cost savings, the advantage that you receive with this kitchen appliance is the ergonomics of the grip. It’s small enough to fit into most hands and the safety switch is positioned near the on switch, so it may take a little getting used to in order to really use this knife effectively. Some may hate the ergonomics admittedly, but it worked really well for us and enjoyed the fact that a safety mechanism like this was included on a value product.

The one disadvantage the you may notice with this product is that the food products can sometimes get caught between the blades of the device. There’s a small gap, but a wider gap than you’ll find in other electric knives, and this causes meat shards or veggie pulp to get trap between the blades at times and this forces you to clean the device before continuing on.

If you’re on a budget, you won’t find a better electric knife than this one at this specific price point. If you can invest into a better appliance, you may wish to do so, but this entry-level knife will outperform many of the others that are on the market today.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Black & Decker EK700 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife.

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